Friday, January 18, 2013

New York Gun Map Aids Criminals

The Left was waiting for a slaughter like that of Sandy Hook like a kid waits for Christmas morning.

-and they were more prepared to go into action than a Navy Seal team.

One of their most base moves was to publish the infamous "gun maps" that marked privately owned homes in which residents who owned firearms lived.

Their stated reasons were patently dishonest but the motives were clear:

-That people have a right and need to know if their neighbors own firearms.

-That owning firearms is aberrational and thus should be reported.

-That privately owned firearms pose a safety risk to the public.

Their strategy was effective considering that most Americans have devolved into simpletons. They have been raised to believe that the possession of arms should be restricted to the police and the military - this despite the fact that only the tiniest and barely noticeable fraction of people who actually work in these fields believe that to be the case.

Two things were guaranteed to result after the gun maps were published:

Homes that were marked as being owned by gun owners will be targeted for burglaries when no one appears to be home so that the guns could be stolen. This puts them in the waiting hands of criminals, which is exactly what the Left wants. One of their main complaints is that legally owned guns can be acquired by criminals. As this does not occur often enough to suit their tastes, they took steps to ensure that it would happen more often. The Left gains both ways; they now have proof that criminals get hold of previously legal guns, and those guns are in turn used against defenseless citizens, who will then call for gun confiscation.

Homes that are marked (By not being marked) as gun-free will be targeted when residents are at home for home invasions and for other crimes such as rape. We have no reports of this yet, but rest assured it is going to happen. One of the main reasons that so many Americans can watch TV and go to bed while feeling relatively confident that no one will burst into their home or crawl through a window is that criminals know fully well that over a third* of  the households in the US contain at least one firearm. When one is contemplating illegally entering a house, having odds of less than 2/3 in your favor is not a good bet. The gun map alters these odds considerably for the piece of garbage who wants to terrorize innocents. He just picks out homes that are not 'flagged' by the map. Once these begin to happen  I hope that the criminals are honest about why they targeted the gun-free homes so that the victims can sue the newspaper and all those who were involved in the reports.

Our nation is split into two camps, and these are as diametrically opposed to each other as the North and South were at the advent of the Civil War. There is a good side and a bad side bent on enslaving a defenseless people. The main problem is that, unlike the mid-19th century, our bad guys are interspersed throughout the country rather than confined to a specific region. The good news is that there are enough regions/states in which these types are a small enough minority that they can be made politically impotent. This can happen if actual Americans continue to pack up and move from states such as (My) New Jersey** and go to one of the many states in which the strong majority of people support American government and culture. Only by doing so can we poll our political resources and take steps to restore and protect what as bequeathed to us.

** I expect to be able to leave NJ in less than two years.

We will take back our schools, rights to property, and the right to be free of a lifetime enslavement of paying for those who won't (Not can't - any one of us could find ourselves in that boat) work. We can also ensure that public displays that recognize our Judeo-Christian heritage are not prohibited and that our debt will no longer increase to the detriment of our grandchildren.

And we will remain free to defend ourselves.

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