Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Military Officers Reportedly Asked About Firing on Citizens

Hat tip to Free Republic.

I must preface this by noting that the person who is being interviewed does not provide a source by name. Whenever this happens, I have no choice but to hold back from accepting everything that I hear or read.

This does not mean that what you will hear in the video (Top link) should be dismissed outright. The Obama administration, fully aware of the hostile nature of their actions, has almost from the beginning taken steps to present loyal Americans as the problem. It's the perfect Orwellian Newspeak/Doublethink (Often rendered today as Doublespeak); present the abuses in which you are engaging as being consistent with American government and values, and paint those who oppose your oppressive acts as dangerous and unpatriotic.

The administration knows that they are pushing people up against the wall and that there will come a time when some will push back. My hope is that those who do so use political efforts to split the US into separate nations, one a Progressive state and the other a Republic, but I have little doubt that there will be those who see no hope in this.

The Left works like a professional wrestler tag-team match (Although they are not faking it). One make all sorts of claims that what they are doing is consistent with Constitutional thought, while the other runs around disparaging the supreme Law of the land as obsolete, aristocratic, or just plain evil. You are defending what the Constitution actually says on one side, and defending the document/law itself on the other.

Dr. Jim Garrow, a respected writer, he helps unwanted Chinese girls, and he is a one-time Nobel Prize nominee, reports that a former high-ranking officer in the US military reported to him that military officers, particularly those who are being vetted for influential positions, have had the question posed to them about how they would handle an order to fire on or otherwise engage US citizens in military actions.

If what Dr. Garrow says is true, I have to have a problem with his source. I know that people are afraid of losing their livelihood and possibly facing charges for discussing secret information, but if those who give the orders are in fact asking these questions, the people need to be made aware of this. If he is truly concerned enough to say something to a trusted friend or associate, then all bets for personal security are off.

I don't like watching videos because I am impatient and a fairly fast reader, but I did watch the one in the top link.. The link below has some text from the inerview.

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