Sunday, January 6, 2013

Serbian Orthodox Convent Destroyed by Albanians

Hat tip to Jihad Watch.

The convent is described as a monastery as the nuns are cloistered.

"Belgrade: Albanians last night completely destroyed the monastery “Assumption of the Virgin” in southern Serbia. Monastery of the Assumption of Virgin” which is located in the vicinity of Vladicin Han was vandalized last night. The door was smashed, and the entire interior were broken. The money from the candle sales and other item inside the monastery is stolen, and all the icons were smashed. Mother Paraskeva (62 years old) confirmed this information. She was very upset fear for her safety. “I’m afraid they will come back, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m here alone and old, but let them come, someone has to defend, “said Paraskeva.

“There’s nothing left, this is terrible! The whole world stood up on his feet because of a cartoon of Muhammad, but when all monasteries and churches destroyed, no one responds,” she added.Asked whether he knows who could have done this, Paraskeva replied that everything is known, but that no one will be interested in this case........"

When the US and NATO got involved in creating an Islamic State in Kosovo, Balkan Muslims did not miss the point - no one cares what happens to the Orthodox Christians in Serbia or Macedonia. The second reality is that, if these states take any action to prevent further attacks, they will be condemned by world opinion and face sanctions, calls for prosecutions, and possible military action.

The churches and monasteries that were built hundreds of years ago are fair game for Muslims who relish the prospect of ransacking holy places and destroying priceless religious art. Not content with this alone, the mob targeted a building that houses defenseless women. No doubt many of the mob were reminded of the nuns of Constantinople and other Orthodox cities who were stripped of their clothing while still inside their churches, raped, and eventually sold as slaves. The Albanians who adopted the religion of the Ottoman oppressors seem to act out with an understanding of how they betrayed their ancestors. Since leaving Islam is punishable by death, they instead project their guilt onto the Christians.

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