Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Push to Equate Electoral With Popular Vote

In another* classic instance of projection, the word 'evil' has been leveled at non-Progressives by a member of the Left.  In this case, the efforts to ensure that electoral votes are distributed in the manner intended by the framers of the Constitution is the crime. Leftists have long censored a major factor in the decision making of the framers. School textbooks note only the fact that the electors themselves were intended to be, due to their presumed education and experience, the ones who were knowledgeable enough to vote for the Chief Executive.

What they intentionally leave out is that the count and distribution of  votes themselves were carefully designed to ensure that states or regions that had the bulk of the population would not be able to dominate the Presidential vote. By creating a college of voters that wold be distributed by a total of Representatives and Senators (Two from each states to counterbalance the political power of the states that had the most people), we were blessed with at least a fighting chance of avoiding elections that would be a simple battle for the largest or most densely populated states.

Assuming that they would be unable to abolish the Electoral College altogether  the Left strongly desires that the electoral votes of all states be a winner-take-all event. By doing so, rural and less densely populated suburban regions would in most cases would be robbed of all influence in Presidential elections.

As an example, the following map shows how easily the Left would be able to win these elections if the national popular vote would either decide on Presidents or if the States changed to winner-take all systems.

This is what the writer  in the top-linked article wants - lock up the Electoral College votes of many states  by simply making the Presidential vote a mere issue of getting the urban vote plus bit more from some suburban regions. Rural voters be damned.

The writer also (Most certainly accidentally) forgets that Democrats have been involved in their own Gerrymandering:

-The Left likes to project their evil onto the opposition:

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