Thursday, January 3, 2013

Joking About Gang Rape in Ohio

What was done to this girl was despicable.

The way others joked about the crime illustrates the depths to which our society has sunk.

I have no desire to post quotes from the article. If one is willing to stand a stomach-turning medley of emotionless babble that mocks what was done to the victim, then take a deep breath and click on the link at top.

Our culture is being attacked from all angles. Young people are taught that early sexual activity is not only normal, but expected. What is worse, our youth are not held to any moral standard. They are effectively encouraged to look at females as objects to be used.

It is certainly true that girls are looked upon as stuck-up prudes if they avoid these type of animals in social settings. It is also true that girls who buy in to this culture of gratuitous sex are then treated non-humans by these same thugs. Even girls who avoid these types altogether are often targeted for vicious crimes.

I hold that the Left likes this stuff. It confirms their position that males are pigs and provides ammunition for more control of the people as a whole.

If we do not begin to hold our boy's feet to the fire and make it clear that any criminal activity (or even plain mean treatment of girls) will be dealt with with severity, these crimes are going to increase in frequency.

During my career in law enforcement, I witnessed numerous occasions in which parents, instead of recoiling in horror at what their sons were accused (Read it was obvious) of doing, circled the wagons and protected them from any attempts of obtaining justice for the victim. Mothers in particular tended to have no empathy for the female victims and portrayed them as loose girls who deserved what they endured.

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