Thursday, January 24, 2013

Refusal to Allow Smart Meter Cause for Arrest

This is one brave woman, People like this put many of us to shame for our failure to act. Appropriately  her last name means 'steel' in German.

"Jennifer Stahl has been a strong advocate against the smart meter program in Naperville, Ill., for the last two years. The issue came to a head Wednesday afternoon when she was arrested while refusing to let the utility workers install the controversial device....

Stahl was at a friend’s house when she received the call from her husband that the utility workers had arrived. She was home within 15 minutes and saw they were at a neighbor’s house. Her neighbors were not home, but they had signs stating they did not permit the new meter to be installed.

Stahl said she waited on her porch for the workers to arrive at her house. When they did, she refused them access to her backyard through her locked gate. The police — including the police supervisor, a sergeant — were called. Stahl said the sergeant explained the workers had authorization to access the meter, but Stahl stood her ground saying she didn’t approve it. The sergeant continued to try and convince Stahl to comply and said if she didn’t, he’d arrest her.

“The city has always had and maintains the right to access our equipment, and today we were simply exercising that right,” City Manager Doug Kreiger told the Chicago Tribune, which reported Wednesday’s events.

The lock on Stahl’s fence was cut, and when Stahl wouldn’t step away from the meter, she was lead away by an officer, cuffed and waited for a marked squad car to arrive to take her to the department. When asked why she was being arrested, she was told it was for interfering with a police officer........"

Smart meters do little or nothing to help power companies know what hours are peak use times or those in which little electricity is consumed. If the companies were unable to figure this out before with the old meters, we would have seen brownouts throughout the year for decades. I won't go into detail on the meters but will simply note that these collect an enormous amount of data that can only be sued against us when "they" decide that it is time. These devices are, like the questions physicians now must ask about firearms in homes, serious threats to our privacy. The most likely consequence will be excise fees for those who use electricity for purposes that are not approved or considered necessary. That will probably include extra fees for my Christmas lights.

To uphold the fictional consensus of scientists (Yes, the one that bars honest ones), that we are warming the planet by CO2 emissions. The very gas that is released by forest fires caused by lightning, animals, volcanoes, etc, has been labeled as a pollutant that will be regulated by the State.

What makes this event even more frightening is that the police are allowing themselves to be drawn in to what clearly should be a civil action. The rights of the utility company to read and service the old meters were not questioned by Mrs. Stahl, therefore I can see no reason for the police to be making arrests. If the cops correctly ruled this to be a civil matter, they would not have ordered Mrs. Stahl to move away. Without such an order, she could not be arrested for failure to obey instructions of a law enforcement officer, obstructing administration of law, disturbing the peace, or whatever statute or local ordinance that was used to charge her.

I hope that Mrs, Srahl beats this charge in court. I also hope that police agencies across the nation take a stand and stay out of these matters. They are being monitored in their homes just as badly as we are. Without the moral support of our local police, the Left will have a much easier time establishing control over almost every aspect of our lives.

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