Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mexican Citizens Arm Themselves Against Cartels

Hat tip to Free Republic.

The above link has a video (Sorry-no text) about citizens in an Mexican town that have had enough of gruesome murders committed by drug gangs. Being a former military and law enforcement guy, the manner in which they ambled about with their weapons in various and dangerous methods of carry and wholly without any tactical positioning of personnel kind of annoyed me, but the point was clear - the people are weary of the violence and fear that the cartels create. For their stand I congratulate them.

In an interview that is shown in the video, we are told that the people have suffered for too long with little or no help from the government. Mexican firearms laws are very restrictive. In addition to restrictions on many types of firearms themselves, all firearms that are chambered for ammunition used by military forces are outlawed. That rules out 5.56mm, .308 cal., .45 cal, 9mm, etc.

In the US, only small pockets of communities see anything close to what these Mexicans have for many years. The sad irony is that those who run these same crime-ridden areas in the US are the most vociferous supporters of disarming the people altogether. The Left prefers that the people are made helpless.

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