Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hillsdale College Lecture - Founders v. Progressives

I split too much firewood today to be of any use for writing (Not that my ability is anything special in the first place).

Hat tip to Free Republic.

Hillsdale College is one of the last Bastions of freedom and American values in Academia.

It gained notoriety around twenty years ago when, to maintain its freedom from governmental regulation, it ultimately had to stop accepting students who receive Federal aid. Their policy of not directly accepting government aid had not been enough to the Bureaucrats. They maintained that, since some students receive aid, the college would also be considered as a recipient.

So, the college had to take a big step to remain free.

The college has also offered FREE online lectures in the Constitution.

The link at top concerns the outlook of Progressives versus that of the Founding Fathers. It is well worth the time. When you pull up the video, several other lectures by Hillsdale professors are available on the right-hand side.

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