Thursday, November 15, 2012

Glenn Beck Also Against Secession

I expected the petitions to have this sort of result-

As I noted yesterday, a letter was produced that purportedly was sent by Justice Antonin Scalia in which he claims that the issue of secession was settled by the Civil war.

Now Glenn Beck is taking the same position.

I am not sure if these people can possibly believe what they are saying. I can't think that bright and learned people would accept such a pathetically weak argument.

My personal belief is that Beck, Scalia, and others are probably just protecting themselves. High-visibility personalities fear the political and financial backlash and possible investigations that may follow as a result of advocating this type of political move.

I have no time to post tonight as I had to attend a function at my kid's high school. Tomorrow I plan on having a set of questions one should ask of himself. The idea will be to allow the individual to come to his own conclusion.

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