Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Trashed By Brainwashed Adults

“What do you think we should teach our kindergarteners about Thanksgiving,” Revealing Politics’ Caleb Bonham asks in the video.

“The truth,” one man replies. “They need to know about the racism and the violence that went on.”

In response to the same exact question, another woman said we should teach kindergarteners that Thanksgiving is “totally meaningless” and “we massacred millions and millions of Native Americans.” Ouch. That’s quite a heavy kindergarten lesson.

“Well, our nation was founded on slavery, genocide, murder, theft and mass injustice and it continues to this day,” yet another female respondent said.

Some were asked to respond what “students” in general should be learning about Thanksgiving, while others were a little more indifferent to the holiday.

“Personally, I don’t really give a sh*t about Thanksgiving,” another man said. Another gentleman echoed his feelings, saying America should just do away with Thanksgiving all together."

Hat to to The Blaze.

I am probably being too generous when I describe these individuals as brainwashed. I believe that a person who is faced with a incessant barrage of anti-West/US propaganda in school need not be convinced solely due to what garbage is being dealt out by one's teachers/professors. The student may become discouraged and frustrated at his inability to refute the Goebbels at the podium, but to swallow such drivel hook, line, and sinker takes a determined mind.

The anti-Western/US agenda is a main tool of the Left. Mocking  and deriding traditions and celebrations of historical events, and painting the Western peoples in as bad a light as possible, have become standard fare. Even if this only works with a third of all students, Academia has done its job.

This is not only a phenomena of colleges. High school students are being steeped in the lurid tales of the horrors of Western societies. It is not uncommon for a high school graduate to proclaim that he would do away with the celebration of Thanksgiving if he could.

Once the student begins college, Whiteness Studies or Colonialism courses seal the deal. The individual has been thoroughly indoctrinated to detest the history of his country and his ancestors.

Parents are apt to write these off as silly phases of youth, but the implications are dangerous. These people will soon become parents themselves and will impart these ideas on the minds of their own children. Soon, the schools will no longer have to brainwash the students as that will have already been taken care of at home. Note that the quotes are all from adults.

We assume that our kids will always be making pilgrim or Indian hats/headdresses and marking Thanksgiving in Kindergarten and First Grade. In many schools, however, these events have already been done away with.

The move to destroy the identity of a people or nation requires that all traditional beliefs and historical events be negated. This is what has been going on with a vengeance for over twenty years. The trend is catching on. In a few more years pathetically few schools will still mark Thanksgiving. The evil Anglo-Saxon settlers will, unless it is presented only to demonize them, be consigned to the dustbins of history.

This is another reason why I hold that states must consider seceding. It is the only way I see that the schools can be wrested from the Dept of Education and the rest of the Western-hating Left.

Imagine a large bloc of states in which students learn the good things about Western Societies as well as the bad. If we don't act soon, even if it turns out to be a temporary just to repair school curricula and stop the attacks on property,  we may find that the clock is running out.

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