Friday, November 9, 2012

Here Come the Post-reelection Layoffs

Some did not believe it, and others did not care.

The link at top details a number of businesses that have made it plain that their will be layoffs, and the list is not only sizable, it is probably growing.

The oppressive burdens of Obamacare cannot be simply absorbed by employers. They are employers because they want to make money. If they had no desire to do so the could live their lives in the Peace Corps. Those who are successful at making money can employ others, and those people in turn earn wages.

This is going to be sad but very interesting. Some, against what they know in their hearts, insist that everything will be fine. Others have every intention of making the whole place collapse. When it does, they will blame capitalism, but capitalism will not even have been at the scene of the crime. This is the work of the Left - control the private sector until it falls apart, and then blame the private sector so that one can justify full-blown Marxism.

A system envisioned by a man who failed at even supporting his family somehow still has a hold on people's minds. The admittedly appalling conditions of the early industrial revolution, that are the equivalent of a blink of an eye in the history of mankind, were enough for Marx to call for the abolition of all private property, including the right to bequeath what you did own to others. The prosperity and incredibly rapid rise in living standards that followed industrialization are ignored. These people are clinging to an evil system that was wrong even when things were in fact bad for the worker.

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