Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hamas Routinely Using Civilians as Human Shields

Hat tip to Jihad Watch.


For years, I have groaned over the deliberately misleading (Plain dishonesty) use of words by the Western Media when reporting on events with either the old PLO, Hezbollah, or Hamas.

The worst of all statements that these groups have "lobbed" rockets into Israel. I mean, how is it possible to lob a rocket? Do they build gigantic slingshots and used these to propel the rockets?

That's why one should, unless the other person is truly unaware, avoid explaining these events as if the discussion is a fair one. I rarely encounter anyone who truly believes this muck, yet many affect to do so. Instead, one should consider calling them out - let them know that they are not fooling anyone and that it is pure cowardly hypocrisy to proclaim that Israelis should allow these attacks to occur.

When Ariel Sharon literally physically forced Israelis out of their homes in Gaza, I truly felt that he had scored a political triumph. No one had any doubt about what would happen. Rocket attacks, tunnels, kidnappings ensued almost as the last Israeli crossed the border. This should have been a walkover.

"See, what did we tell you? We give Gaza back, and they attack us."

I was wrong. The media was even more dishonest that I thought. No effort was made to show the public what happens when you compromise in any way.

The Left cannot allow a sovereign nation-state, especially one which is comprised of people who have a real sense of ethnic/religious/cultural identity, survive.

Israel, though, does not care what the Left thinks.

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