Saturday, May 5, 2012

Media Pushing us Towards Chaos

The press coverage of the Martin killing has yielded yet another employee that purposefully edited the 911 tapes.

These were the other two:

Here are just three examples of whites being targeted for violence in which the Martin killing was directly referenced by the attackers:

It is no secret that the media is heavily biased (And I am being conservative in using the world "heavily"), towards a Leftist outlook. It is also clear that violence towards blacks by whites gets a whole lot of press coverage while, as the dearth of coverage on the three events linked above demonstrates, very little is reported when the converse is the case.

We all know that violence against oppressed minorities is a tragic and shameful page in our history books. Those days are long past. My children were brought up to be fully aware of those days and to know that, in the unlikely event that anything of the sort begins again, their responsibility is to stand up for what is right.

Today, however, I hold that the patently biased treatment of these events by the press occur on such a regular basis that we cannot chalk it up to a few vicious individuals who are perhaps desirous for climbing their network's corporate ladder or simply so overwhelmed by White guilt that they feel that they must make amends for the past.

Patterns such as this also do not occur as a result of random chance. There has to be an underlying motivation for taking these types of actions when in the process of doing what one is paid to do.

To bear false witness against another is a vile act. Regardless of one's belief or disbelief in God, we know from history that prohibiting such an act was important enough that the Ten Commandments of the ancient Hebrews included it. When people can lie about someone else with impunity or without shame, we have no society but are reduced to a State of War (John Locke) due to the fact that innocents (Or possible innocents) have to live in fear of being accused of wrongful acts, the consequences for which can be prison time, injury or death, or loss of one's property due to legal costs or lawsuits. We can't leave out another major probable loss in a case such as this; the black mark on one's very name.

When a person's reputation is destroyed by false testimony, rumors, or doctored evidence, the perpetrator has stolen the most important aspect of his personhood - his very identity. One can be dirt-poor and yet still be known as either an upright individual or at least as someone who would not harm another. Worse yet, it is not actually a theft but a destruction of another's property. The impugner does not get to posses that which he ruined - it is just gone or permanently held suspect by others.

Back to my beliefs on the motivations behind this phenomena. We have four separate but related actions going on at once; incredible amounts of press coverage on the Martin killing, at least three people involved in the journalistic trade knowingly using or creating false evidence against Zimmerman, the willful use of roughly age-12 photos of a then-mild mannered youth as opposed to recent ones that depict a young man, and almost zero coverage of whites being targeted specifically in reference to the killing.

This cannot happen by accident. One would be hard-pressed to convince me that we do not have all the makings for a conspiracy. As I noted in an earlier post, I have to conclude that the Leftist-dominated media has every intention of turning Americans against each other:

From the post linked above:

I have every reason to believe that the Left, including many in the Democratic Party, the Media*, and the President himself, would want us fighting each other. Such a violent and chaotic situation will be a good catalyst for a seizure of all political power......

We have enough problems in this nation. I for one don't need to be telling white supremacists to go pound salt while at the same time worrying that someone I know may be the target of anti-white violence. If we do not begin setting the record straight, and addressing the crime problem as well as any possible lingering notions of institutional racism against blacks, more and more Whites and Blacks will find themselves seeking shelter behind either a terribly powerful Leftist government, or racist groups such as the National Socialists or the New Black panthers. I for one want neither of the two options.

With the continuing world financial crisis, crushing US debt, ever-increasing trouble in the Middle East, and now, escalating racial tension exacerbated by media-created lies and willful ignorance of black-on-white crime, the possibility of a societal collapse is not a the fear of a crazy man. I have little doubt that, in the event that such an event occurs, the Left will pat themselves on their collective (pun intended) back as many people, wanting no part of neo-Nazis, New Black Panthers, or La Raza, look to take shelter under the mantle of a powerful Leftist-controlled government that promises peace at the expense of our freedoms. The problem for those who want none of the above will be that they will be increasingly isolated in the midst of the battle between radicals and Leftist power. 

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