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NSA Spying on Military Personnel Emails Results in Arrest

I missed this one when it occurred back in November of 2011.

Army Specialist William Millay (The Army uses the Specialist rank for almost all of its enlisted soldiers in the E-4 pay grade- only Infantry Units still use the Corporal rank) was arrested on Suspicion of Espionage.

The story is wildly convoluted and details are hard to determine. I apologize for the back and forth quoting from the sources, but this is hard to piece together.

From what I can gather, the Military Policeman who hails from Kentucky may have grown concerned about the possible arrival of more troops military equipment at his Army post in Alaska.

It seems that he had believed that the arrival of these, which were coinciding with the November 9th Test of the national Emergency Alert System and the November 11 drill involving the Medical Reserve Corps, were a prelude to a governmental takeover of the nation. Millay's US Northern Command (NorthCom) unit is tasked with Command of  military involvement in Homeland Security actions. Concerning the Medical Reserve Corps, many have expressed concern that what (In the Obamacare Law -Below) has been billed as a reformation or improvement in the structure of the Medical Reserve Corps is actually the foundation for the Civilian National Security Force** for which then-Candidate Obama called during the 2008 campaign.

The very concept of a National Security force conjures up frightening images of an armed force that, unlike the military, would not be restricted by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and thus could be employed  to enforce civil law without the Act's requirements of a national emergency. The President would be able to launch such a force at any individual or group deemed a threat by Janet Napolitano, who currently heads the Department of Homeland Security. As noted in a previous post, Napolitano has cited as potential threats groups/individuals such as disaffected veterans and "Right Wing Extremists" (A label that could be applied to anyone who speaks out against the direction in which the nation is heading) to be a priority for security considerations.


Back to what lead up to Millay's actions:

"The report states that Millay had growing concerns over a massive military buildup of NorthCom. This buildup is said to include troops and equipment being shipped in from Afghanistan, Japan and South Korea through the Alaskan base and then to "staging areas" in the US.

NorthCom was created on October 1, 2002 after 9/11. NorthCom is charged with protecting the United States homeland in support of local, state, and federal authorities. This support is limited by the Posse Comitatus Act .

AFNORTH would take charge of the situation or event in the case of national emergencies, natural or man-made.

Specialist Millay believed that the redeployment of these tens of thousands of US troops to America was “somehow” related to the November 9 testing of the United States Emergency Alert System (EAS) that is occurring “coincidentally” with avast number of disaster drills and exercises being planned for the same time period. This was according to the FSB report."

"In a series of e-mails to friends and family that were intercepted by the NSA, the FSB [Russian Security Agency]  reports, Millay warned when asked what to do, "prepare for the end of the world"."

"A Federal Security Services or (FSB) report  [The wesbite is in Russian] circulating the Kremlin states that the US Military went into a "panic" when a soldier e-mailed his mother to "prepare for the end of the world." "

OK, maybe we have a young soldier that overreacted and, concerned for the safety of his family and neighbors back home, dropped a dime to his family. The part where this gets really weird is twofold; the NSA was the agency that picked up on the emails sent home, and the FBI attempted to enter the military base to effect the arrest on Millay.

This seems like a huge effort to put a stop to a kid who may have jumped the gun and consequently communicated more than he should have. The amount of energy and resources, coupled with the extraordinary move to enter a base to arrest the soldier, leaves me wondering why such an effort was made. Couldn't they have provided the information to Millay's Commander and let the Uniform Code of Military Justice run its course?

Regarding the emails, my understanding is that the National Security Administration is not tasked with spying on US citizens and certainly not on military personnel. 

"The attempted FBI arrests reveals that the NSA has been spying (espionage) on the US military and military personnel. Why are they now spying on the United States’ own military? They have been ordered by the White House to look for whistle blowers – people who are leaking information concerning ongoing illegal CIA false flag operations against the United States. They have been put on high alert by the White House and have been ordered to pay particular attention to information being leaked about imminent false flag attacks by the United States government against the United States people."

Also the military stepped in and prevented the arrest from being effected and instead took Millay into their own custody and prepared to charge him.

"According to the FSB report, a “standoff” between the FBI strike team sent to apprehend Specialist Millay and US Army personnel ensued with the Army winning out and keeping him from being taken by Obama regime authorities.

Neither the Army nor the Obama administration have publicly stated exactly what Millay was arrested for. However, the Army is refusing to allow the federal government to prosecute Millay and will handle the case themselves."

I have searched for any recent news on Millay's case but have come up empty. If I become aware of anything new I will post a revision. Comments are welcome.

I find it very interesting that, while Specialist Bradley Manning's Wikileaks case (The Military has stated that Millay's case is nothing like Manning's) is big news, Millay's seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. 

Millay reportedly retained a civilian lawyer who specializes in  military Courts Martial.

The NSA was recently the subject of a TheBlaze article and video with Glenn Beck in which Beck interviewed former NSA staff members who had been arrested and threatened with substantial prison sentences for acting as whistleblowers. In one case, not only was one official arrested in a raid in his house, he was pulled out of the shower and had a gun put to his head. I think that I would be more humiliated at that point than frightened. The subjects indicated that the NSA had been illegally recording data on American citizens.

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