Saturday, May 26, 2012

Coptic Priest on Mohammed's Sexual Practices

Father Zakaria Botros is a Coptic Orthodox Priest who has risked his life for years in exposing the facts about Islam and Mohammed.

The post at top is by Father Botros and the bottom one is by Raymond Ibrahim.

I would advise one to ready himself before reading either post. The information is gathered from the Haddiths, which are the sayings and actions of Mohammed. These are considered authoritative to Muslims. One of the mysteries that Westerners have a hard time grasping is how much awful stuff is not only attributed to Mohammed, but that none of these bizarre things seem to bother Muslim sensibilities in any way. These are not charges leveled at Mohammed by his detractors, but by his followers.

The only thing to which I could compare it is a list of the worst things done and said by the Renaissance era Popes of the Catholic Church that were not only accepted as not being so bad, but were embraced as examples of good conduct.

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