Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Washington Redskins Football Team Name Again Under Attack

The attacks on the name of the Washington Redskins has nothing to do with racism nor is it an issue of demeaning Indians/Native Americans.  This is only another means of dismembering anything associated with American culture.

 If they are not directly referring to the region or state in which the team is located or referring to the early history of the team, such as the New York Mets (Metropolitans) or White or Red Sox, team names are chosen because they convey a sense of strength, spirit, courage, or honor. Teams are not named after people, animals, or objects that paint a picture of weakness, lack of fortitude, or fear.

Taking the name of a vanquished former opponent(s) (whether the reasons for the violence were right or wrong) in nothing more than the admission that they were a determined, noble, and worthy foe. Even youth gangs on Constantinople styled themselves after the Turco-Mongol and nomadic Avars, who gave the Eastern Empire (Not yet called Byzantine) a lot of trouble for some time. In the case of American teams named after Native Americans, not only are their attributes considered, but we also are admitting to ourselves that the rapacity and aggression of too many of European decent ended a way of life that also should be recognized for its merit. Atlanta Braves fans are not mocking Native Americans when they chant to stylized native American war cry and make a chopping motion with their hand and arms - they are invoking the elan they after whom their team is named.

Like "consenting adults" went to civil unions, which in turn went to gay marriage, Cultural Marxists also want the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves,and other teams to dispense with their hallowed names.

News reports today are proclaiming that the Washington Redskins now will no longer be able to claim ownership of the name Redskin:

In the video in this link, though, Mark Levin puts that weak claim to rest:

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