Friday, June 20, 2014

Muslims Demand Cross Removal/Covering in German Cemetary

-Yet we continue to affect surprise when we read or hear of Muslim demands that we change for them and when Western officials cave in and give them what they want.

Picture if you will a Louvre or a Sistine Chapel in a nation that is or is near to becoming a Muslim-majority nation. Are we supposed to refuse to believe that many works of art will either have to be removed or covered when Muslim groups come for a visit?

The real irony for me in this case is that the town mentioned in the post is described as Hessian. Of course we know that German mercenary troops that fought for The Crown in the American War of Independence came from a number of German states, but the Hessians were the most well-known and their name has come to be applied to all German troops in the service of the British. Forget for a moment the story of drunken Germans at the Trenton barracks - their lack of preparation was the fault of their commander Col. Johann Rall, who despite warning from his own officers (and quite possibly one from an American loyalist - historians are not in agreement) failed to take any reasonable measures to guard against an attack from American Continentals or militia. The truth is that Hessians fought, and they were known for their discipline and  fearlessness in action. Their performance in the New York campaign  few months before was more than sufficient cause to let an American know that if his unit was to engage with Hessians, things would not go easily for them.

Now, the descendants of these men are required to stand by idly while their faith and culture are suppressed for the benefit of the new "Germans".

-Hat tips to Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes Blog.

"..........Recently there was such a case in the German town of Offenbach near Frankfurt on the Main. After an agreement had been reached between the two cultures, the Muslims demanded still more and more.

Cemetery without Crosses

Dying is no-one’s favorite subject, except in the following case: A Muslim community had asked for a special place in the cemetery in the Hessian town, Seligenstadt on the Main. So far so good. Such a place had been found for them. But now the (Muslim) community demands that all Christian symbols be removed from the entire cemetery grounds during a (Muslim) burial.

It had taken extensive negotiations to allow the Muslims their own ceremony. In this part of the cemetery, no coffins are to be put into the ground, but the corpses are to be wrapped in cloth, and laid out pointing towards East, i.e. Mecca. During this procedure, while Suras from the Koran will be read out, all crosses in the mourning hall are to be taken down or hidden away. These demands are made by Bashir Kumcu from the Ahmadiyya Community, with the explanation: “We are also making adjustments by following the rules of the cemetery administration.”

[Let's feel safe to assume that they have not made any adjustments whatsoever] 

"Nobody from this German town was willing to comment. However, the tones one can hear from the town hall are clearer: “The Muslims can hold their funeral ceremonies somewhere else, where there are no crosses”.

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