Sunday, June 22, 2014

Palestinian Professor - Suicide Attacks Do Not Stem From Poverty

Here is one version of the assurances we are given that suicide attacks have no basis in Islam itself:

".........."Before we go any further, does anyone recall the days when we were assured by academicians and they who craft the official positions on terror attacks, that the 1983 Beirut truck bombing of the Marine barracks had nothing to do with a suicide attack?

That is no joke. In a move that echoed the official consensus at the time of the Kamikaze attacks in the waning days of WWII (They were drug addicts- we were told), it was said that the driver of the truck had been told (no evidence - not even a brief statement from anyone, was given to support this) that a firing switch had been placed under his seat and that his family would be harmed if he did not drive the truck to the desired location.

Now, a firing switch under the seat of the attacker is a common-sense move in case the bad guy is shot and killed before reaching his target (that was at least some of the targets may be killed), but we were fed a host of false conclusions over this one fact.

Of course the suicide/vest bomb attacks that would come to be almost commonplace in Israel prior to the West Bank security wall (and later in Iraq) later put these claims to rest, but the damage had been done in the minds of many Americans.-

"There are no real Muslim suicide bombers" was the refrain from the ignorant ones who
fancied themselves so much smarter than the rest of us.


The second version is much more fitting for the Leftist. We are told that suicide bombers are forced into their gruesome work due to crushing poverty. Israel and the Western world are thus at fault. This of course ignores the fact that college-educated Muslims who have either good jobs or actual careers account for an appreciable percentage of suicide bombers.  
A Palestinian professor seems to be sincerely offended by the assumption that poverty creates suicide bombers:

"A Palestinian professor at the Islamic University in Gaza says that terrorists are not motivated by “brainwashing” or poverty, but rather by their Muslim faith which “requires us to make sacrifices.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute posted an excerpt of a Hamas television interview with Dr. Subhi Al-Yazji in which he decried “biased media outlets” for promoting the brainwashing and poverty explanations for the terrorism phenomenon.

Al-Yazji referred to attacks against Israelis as “martyrdom operations” not terrorism.

“We must realize that the Islamic concept of sacrifice motivates many of our youth to carry out martyrdom operations,” said Al-Yazji. “Contrary to how they are portrayed by the West and some biased media outlets, which claim that they are youths of 18-20 years who have been brainwashed, most of the people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Allah were engineers and had office jobs. They were all mature and rational.”

“Some people claim that they did this for the money. Take, for example, someone like brother Sa’d, who was an engineer, had an office job, owned a home and a car, and was married – what made him embark on Jihad? He believed that the Muslim faith requires us to make sacrifices.”......"

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