Saturday, June 14, 2014

African Migrants Attempt to Rush Spanish Border Fence

I am still unable to paste links. This article is from FoxNews and is dated June 14, 2014. A previous and quite related post from this blog will be seen bottom.

What we are seeing on the US/Mexico border, the Italian island of Lampedusa, and the Spanish enclaves of Cueta and Melilla in Morocco are a new type of immigration - a planned rush of illegal immigrants that consists of so many people that at least some of them may avoid being caught or turned back.

"1,000 African migrants rush at Spain's border in African enclave of Melilla, all repulsed"

MADRID – Officials say around 1,000 migrants of sub-Saharan origin have failed in an attempt to get over Spain's three-tier barbed-wire border fence separating its North African enclave of Melilla from Morocco in a bid to enter Europe.

A regional government statement said fewer than 10 persons managed to overcome the first barrier in Saturday's charge. They were taken away by Moroccan police.

The statement says Spain's border guards detected the charge in an area known as "Villa Pilar" and deployed a helicopter to oversee operations.........."


Monday, August 12, 2013

Illegals Turning US into A Camp of the Saints

In 1973, French author Jean Raspail penned The Camp of the Saints, a work that described a Western World-destroying scenario that takes place in the future.

It is impossible to provide a synopsis that does not spoil the end, so the best that I can do is to avoid details.

A massive amount of people from a non-western country decide that they want to live in a prosperous nation. When I say massive, I mean roughly a million people; enough to swamp a medium-size nation nation, use up all of its resources, and change the demographics to the extent that the citizens - those descended from the people who had made the country great, are either politically marginalized or in time become a small minority and entirely (And violently) subjugated. The result is a region (No longer a country as the sovereignty of nations falls via a domino effect) that is little different from the place that the invading "refugees" left in the first place.

The Western world, in the span of a few days of landing and what follows afterward, no longer exists but in the propagandized version cultivated by a the elite of a future Socialist superstate.

The flood is not performed by force of arms, that would enable the military, police, and People of the invaded nation to defend their border without misgivings or fear of international outrage and criminal prosecutions in the Hague. No, this is done in the most cowardly manner possible; a crush of unarmed people who will not be stopped but affect to show that they are no threat. Recall the suggestion by one Leftist a couple of years ago that all Arabs descended from they who had had left Israel in the Arab-Israeli wars gather en masse and begin entering the State of Israel - a play taken straight out of the book. The idea is that the IDF would either never be given the order to shoot or that the soldiers themselves would refuse to fire on the invaders as the latter do not demonstrate (Despite the overt aggression of their act) any obvious intentions to act with violence. In the book, the people of the West, full of White Guilt and memories of past atrocities that are wrongfully conflated with the situation of of the invaders, can't bring themselves to defend the land and country that was bequeathed to them by their ancestors. Violence of course follows once they are ashore, but by then it is too late. The People have been cowed into submission.

In the book, Leftists, anarchists, and all other haters of the culture and society that bred them and gave them an opportunity to live is a safe and prosperous nation celebrate the imminent arrival of the invaders. They revel in the soon-to come destruction. Those who dare express their concerns are shot down and labeled as racists or fascists.

Church leaders, failing in their duties both to demand the protection of property/rights of peoples (A key element of the Natural Law and embodied in the Ten Commandments) and the preservation of the very civilization that enabled Western Christianity to grow without being smothered by Islam and other threats, throw all caution to the wind. The invaders, the People are told, must be welcomed. They are only seeking a better place to live and we have no right to deny them that opportunity. Like many Evangelicals and Catholics in the US, the leaders become agents of the dismantling of the Western world that allowed Western Christianity to develop. In your own house, you can only take in so many homeless people before the tipping point is reached when your house is now a slum. God of course demands that you give to help others, but He did not give the People what they have (and was also built by centuries of hard work and good planning) just so they could then wreck the place by self-righteous over-giving. In the end, the Church itself no longer even has a purpose and what is left of it withers away.

The People are, in short, shot-out from years of rich-bashing and indoctrination in and disgust with one's own culture. They have lost the spirit of their ancestors and are in no shape to defend their lands - they acquiesce to the dismantlement.

The book was quickly given the label of "racist" by the Left, which made many non-racist Westerners too afraid to read or discuss the book openly. (My three children are of mixed Korean and European ancestry so I can won't entertain any similar accusations)  The teller of the story may or may not reflect the attitude of the author, but what is clear is that the latter holds dear all that is precious about Western Civilization and is gravely concerned with the threats that face it.

With eleven million (Which is only an estimate) illegals inches away from being made citizens as thanks for their illegal acts, and others being granted asylum simply due to stating that they are afraid of the cartels* the US is also facing its own, albeit one administered more slowly but surely, version of The Camp of the Saints. The Left is rejoicing and is making it clear that they will accept nothing short of amnesty**, the People are overwhelmed with guilt, and Christians are set to give away the land to which they sailed that enabled them to live in Freedom.

If even ten percent of the new citizens vote for Conservative candidates (Which is itself unlikely) the fruit of amnesty will still be nothing more than a Socialist US, with even the US part being on the way out.



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