Thursday, June 12, 2014

Milwaukee Catholic Schools Go With Common Core

Pasting of links is still a problem with the computer. This article came from Fox News and is dated  June 9, 2014.

As the acceptance of the Common Core (Type "Common Core" in search bar on right of this page for previous posts) has been mostly restricted to public schools his may be a surprise to many, but for those who are familiar with the Diocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Diocese, this comes as no surprise.

This is the diocese that was run by the infamous and simply horrid Archbishop Rembert Weakland. This individual was reported to have paid out almost a half a million dollars to his gay lover to prevent a lawsuit and certainly allowed radical feminists to disrupt ordinations of new priests. His attempts to destroy the Church did not stop there; in the book Ugly As Sin - Why They Changed Our Churches from Sacred Places to Meeting Spaces-And How We Can Change Them Back Again, the author details the vast sums spent on tearing out the beautiful and costly features of the cathedral ( which was largely paid for by working-class Catholics) to transform the place of worship into a barren, formless, and willfully un-Catholic building. His justification for the destruction was that the features (I read the book years ago so I provide the best quote that I can now) "had no appreciable religious nor historical purpose".

The culture of this diocese  is as Catholic as that of the most hyper-Liberal of Mainline Protestant or Evangelical bodies. 

From Fox News-

"Milwaukee Catholic school parents blast Archdiocese's blessing of Common Core"

"A group of Milwaukee-area Catholic school parents are fuming over the Archdiocese's
decision to implement Common Core at its 110 parochial schools, and some are turning to home-schooling their children.

More than 1,000 parents have banded together and launched a campaign and online petition calling for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to reverse Archbishop Jerome Listecki’s move at the beginning of the year to implement the controversial, Washington-backed educational standards. Some told that they send their children to private schools precisely to avoid a secular curriculum they believe is infused with politics and dubiously researched lessons.

“If I wanted my children to have a public school curriculum I would have sent them to a public school,” Heather Schweitzer, of Kenosha, who recently pulled her daughters Mia, 9, and Chloe, 7, out of All Saints Catholic School and is now teaching them at home, told “A Catholic school’s priority is to prepare children for Heaven, not for college.”......

Of the five parishes in the state of Wisconsin, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is the only one to adopt Common Core. The unusual move has led to speculation from some. Listecki insists that standards at the schools he oversees will not be changed by participating in Common Core.

“Our approach in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is no different than the approach of other bishops in the State of Wisconsin, namely, that each of us has a strong commitment to Catholic identity, and that commitment shines through boldly in our Catholic schools,” the Archbishop said in a statement provided to “Common Core standards are a reference, not a replacement for Catholic school standards.
[Here comes some seriously Orwellian Newspeak]  We are not “adopting” Common Core, but rather utilizing those standards, along with our own Catholic school standards, as a way of measuring the success of our students.”.........

The parents, who have formed a loose coalition called “Milwaukee Catholic Parents Against Common Core,” and put together a petition that has garnered more than 1,000 signatures, according to education blog EAG news.

The coalition claims Common Core standards represent "untested, experimental standards that are threatening the independence of Catholic schools,” according to a statement. The group points out that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has said Common Core was developed for a public school audience and is "of its nature incomplete as it pertains to Catholic schools.”.........."

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