Monday, June 2, 2014

Syrian Orthodox Nun Details Crimes Against Christians

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

Out of all religions and political systems that have ever existed in history, Islam (being both) is the one that holds lives of the unbeliever the least dear, creates a climate in which rape (especially that of of non-Muslims) is almost a routine matter, and leaves the non-Muslim at the mercy of their Islamic overlords who often enough could not care less about their well-being.

In Western Europe, there is no such thing as free speech. Anything deemed offensive by Muslims in the nations that have imported hordes of those who seek to overturn the social order of the West will cause the offender to be fined or worse. These same nations make almost no effort to help Christians leave the regions in which they are persecuted because they would not be as helpful in destroying the electorate of a Western nation.

The link has a video clip in which Sister Hatune Dogan notes the plight of Christians in the Middle and Near East. The accounts of rape of young girls are the most gut-wrenching bay far.

"Sister Hatune Dogan is a Syrian Orthodox nun. She was born in Turkey, but her family fled to Germany to escape persecution. She now works in the field to help persecuted Christians all over the world, especially in the Middle East.......

'One of my friends in Sweden, Michael Hess the other day in court,
was fined a penalty of 5.000 euros for writing on a website these words:
”When will you journalists understand that rape is rooted in Islamic culture
and is used against women who refuse to follow Islam”..............

I have experienced with just Iraqi Christian girls and ladies, 218 that were kidnapped raped and misused.
They had to pay ransom and some of them they [mutilated].
I went to Egypt around the same time and interviewed 132 girls.
Young girls between the ages of 11 and 15. Around this age maximum.
And out of them only 2 had not been touched, misused, abused or circumcised or something like that.
If I count all together there are more than 500 girls that I personally know and saw, that had been raped.....................

The Swedish people they open their door for everybody. That’s wrong!
They should only open the door for persecuted ones.
Not for those that like to go there, later to become THEIR terror.
They have to check, “Who is this person?”
That is important, and not only in Sweden, in all countries.
The European countries or any country abroad if they see that these people
are moving away from the law of that country, if they violate the rights of human beings and are not obeying,
they have to send them directly back to their own country. They have nothing to search here.

Because they come here with the mission to plant the Islamic religion here,
through the Koran schools, through the ideology and later – not necessarily with guns -
but because each Muslim man can have maybe ten ladies and 60 children
and the Swedish people or German people they have 1 or 0 or 2 children maximum.
Automatically they will rule here with their womb, just as Erdogan has said.
- Like Ghaddafi once said.

You among other things said, that “The persecutors are given refuge
[In western countries] , while the persecuted have to stay.”
Could you talk a bit more about that, because that sounds very interesting?

Yes, in the Middle East you can bribe the people with a little bit of money and get what you like.
And the UN workers, they are mostly covered Muslim ladies or gents, mostly ladies.

So, when one persecuted Christian person with his family or his wife go there,
bringing their stories of persecution. The ladies who are listening to them, they are Muslim.
They’ll say “yes, yes, of course we will do that” and the person feels,
”OK, soon I’ll go from here and save my life and children”. He believes that.
But “No”. After he is out the door they will throw all his papers in the garbage, because he is a Christian.
And because he is telling what the Muslims did to him, and they don’t want that published.

Secondly, they will make a recommendation, to get a visa from abroad.
And if he gets the possibility then this worker, they use the possibility of the paperwork to make money by selling it.
So, that one Muslim or Muslim family can come. So instead a persecutor can come out of the country with this possibility.

And the persecuted one, he will still remain there.

- According to official numbers the Swedish state pays around 200.000 euros a year
for one young Syrian refugee that comes into Sweden. And he has himself paid about 10.000 euros to get there.
If that money, 200.000 euros, were given to the *Hatune Foundation , how many people could you help out in a year?
Oh, thousands! Thousands of people I could help."

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