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"Jews" Critical of Israel Cry Foul for Cancelled Speaking Engagements

One of the most-used implements in the Leftist toolbox is the supposed member of a particular group that does little other than voice positions contrary to those of the nation, organization, or group that they affect to represent.

'"American Patriots" who hold no position even remotely consistent with any that has ever been associated with American-style thought, "Catholics" for Free Choice, "Catholics" for Woman's Ordination (Also known as "We Are Church), "Evangelical Christians" is support of gay marriage, "Jewish" professors who fabricate stories to undermine actual Hebrew/Jewish history,  and "Israeli Jew" political activists who seek to undermine Israel all have two thing in common:

-They use the label of a nation, group, or other body to falsely represent who they are and what they seek to do; which is to bring public opinion squarely against that which they purport to support.

-When people catch on to their strategy and take appropriate action, they claim that they are being suppressed and that dialogue and free thought are being prohibited.

The maniacal push for the ordination of women priests in the Catholic Church is a case in point. Groups (with the support of many Fifth Column priests) that demanded that the Church begin ordaining females and priests would brook no dissent whatsoever - anyone who spoke out in support of the Church was subjected to abuse and ridicule. They insisted that the Church must do what they wanted as if they were speaking about a democratic process  - this even though they did not even approach a simply majority of Church membership.

The Bible (which means nothing to a false Christian), examples of Jesus ( who clearly was not averse to radical changes in thought and practice), or Christian history were not to be allowed to be submitted as evidence - all that mattered were their demands.

The Church, being by imagery from numerous sources the Bride of Christ, had Jesus Christ as her bridegroom, and the Bishop (with priests as his agents) function in the brotherly and paternal role of Christ (Now we see what the problem actually is!). What the women's ordination crowd wanted was an image of a lesbian wedding even before Western nations and their people caved in to the notion.

When John Paul II, weary of the incessant demands of something contrary to the very nature of Christianity, finally made it clear that the Church simply does not posses the authority to ordain women, the response was immediate - a blatant lie:

-The Vatican is saying that we are not allowed to talk about it. 

This was first instance in which I noted the strategy of the Left. Make demands and take positions contrary to the well-being and order of a body, then promptly claim oppression and make false accusations. 

"......Jewish organizations are withdrawing invitations to Jewish speakers or performers considered too critical of Israel, in what opponents have denounced as an ideological litmus test meant to squelch debate. Some Jewish activists have formed watchdog groups, such as Citizens Opposed to Propaganda Masquerading as Art, or COPMA, and JCC Watch, to monitor programming for perceived anti-Israel bias. They argue Jewish groups that take donations for strengthening the community shouldn't be giving a platform to Israel's critics.

American campuses have become ideological battle zones over Israeli policy in the Palestinian territories, with national Jewish groups sometimes caught up on opposing sides of the internal debate among Jewish students. The "Open Hillel" movement of Jewish students is challenging speaker guidelines developed by Hillel, the major Jewish campus group, which bars speakers who "delegitimize" or "demonize" Israel. Open Hillel is planning its first national conference in October.

And in a vote testing the parameters of Jewish debate over Israel, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, a national coalition that for decades has represented the American Jewish community, denied membership in April to J Street, the 6-year-old lobby group that describes itself as pro-Israel and pro-peace and has sometimes criticized the Israeli government. Opponents of J Street have been showing a documentary called "The J Street Challenge," in synagogues and at Jewish gatherings around the country, characterizing the group as a threat from within.

"I believe this has reached a level of absurdity now," said Rabbi Sharon Brous, founder of the IKAR-LA Jewish community in California, which is considered a national model for reinvigorating religious life. "Even where people are acting from a place of love and deep commitment that Israel remains a vital and vibrant state, they are considered outside the realm. It's seen as incredibly threatening and not aligned with the script the American Jewish community expects."...........

Internal American Jewish conflict has worsened as many Israel advocates have come to feel under siege in the U.S. The international boycott movement against Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians has gained some momentum in the U.S., and critics increasingly draw analogies between Israeli policies and South African apartheid.

The clashes among American Jews are partly colored by the sharp tone of overall left-right debate within the U.S. Earlier this year, the Brandeis chapter of J Street and one of its most vocal antagonists on campus, Daniel Mael, accused each other of harassment and made complaints to campus police. Mael, a 21-year-old Orthodox Jew, wrote a series of posts for the conservative site accusing J Street of bringing "Israel bashers" on campus.

J Street has said its opponents often distort the group's statements. The liberal lobby created a "Myths & Facts" page on its website challenging the claims.

Many leaders of the older, more-established organizations say the divisions are not as broad or deep as some claim. Defenders of the presidents' conference argue their 50-member association includes liberal organizations with similar views to J Street, and they blame the lobby group for whipping up a backlash to the vote.

The presidents' conference was formed in the 1950s in response to what was considered a failure of U.S. Jewish leaders during World War II to speak to American policy makers with one voice. Members were expected to keep internal discussion and voting private.

Among the 17 conference members who voted for J Street in April were the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, and the Conservative and Reform Jewish movements. Twenty-two conference members voted no and three others abstained. The remaining member groups did not send a representative to vote.

Farley Weiss, president of the National Council of Young Israel, an association for Orthodox synagogues, dismissed J Street's members as students with a skewed understanding of Mideast history because of the "one-sided, left view" on U.S. college campuses. Weiss was among the few members of the Conference of Presidents who campaigned publicly to block J Street's admission to the group.

"Their views are not part of what I consider the mainstream of the Jewish community," Weiss said.

"I wouldn't characterize them as enemies of Israel," Weiss said. "I would characterize it that their self-avowed statement that they are pro-Israel is not accurate."

The split among U.S. Jews has its roots in the Jewish settlement building in the occupied territories after the 1967 Six Day War, which sparked debate in the U.S. and in Israel over whether the settlements helped or hurt Israeli security.

At the same time, American Judaism was splintering. The strictly traditional Orthodox population grew, but so did the number of Jews who left organized religious life. Jews were marrying outside the faith at a high rate, and their families were generally less involved in the Jewish community and less tied to Israel.

"We now have more people who care deeply about Israel and more people who care very little about Israel," said Steven M. Cohen, a professor at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute on Religion who specializes in research on the American Jewish community......."

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