Sunday, June 15, 2014

Selfishness and Shamelessness Rampant in the US

Cutting and pasting links is still not working. This article is from The Blaze and is dated June 15, 2014.

A phenomena that is just too horrible to describe is becoming more frequent in the US - when in a public place, viciously selfish and shameless individuals are demanding that people (usually children) with cognitive or physical disabilities or are disfigured from an accident or injury be kept out of public view or required to leave if they have the gall to be in the same place as they are. 

It is happening in restaurants, stores, and churches. Generations removed from any true threats of war, crushing poverty, looting, and mass-rape, we have taken to deciding that we have the right to be free from any sight or sound that we do not find pleasing. Generations removed from a society with any real sense of empathy to our fellows, we feel no sympathy for those who are less fortunate but only want them out of our way. 

"A KFC Is Accused of Doing Something Awful to an Injured Little Girl. The Internet Responded by Pouring Out Donations."

"A Jackson, Mississippi KFC has been accused of literally adding insult to injury by asking a tiny girl, her face disfigured from a recent pit bull attack, to leave the restaurant.

The reason: her appearance was apparently scaring other customers.

The girl’s family struck back on Facebook, posting a picture of the little girl, Victoria, and asking, “Does this face look scary to you?”

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Victoria's Victories
Community · 40,902 Likes · 12 June at 13:21 ·Edited ·

The attack occurred in April, when a pit bull burst through the back door of Victoria’s grandfather’s mobile home and dragged Victoria outside where two more pit bulls joined in and mauled the girl.

KFC’s social media team has reached out to the family, promising an investigation into the matter........

The story has a definite upshot: the Victoria’s Victories fundraising page, has seen a flood of donations pour in as the media covers the KFC incident.

Victoria lost her right eye completely in the attack, her family said, and she requires ongoing surgeries and other medical accommodations as she continues to recover........"

Few things prove the degree of societal decay in the US more than the purely selfish and mindbogglingly unsympathetic behavior of people today. Utterly devoid of even the least bit of shame, they ask the manger to have these people leave. Even worse was the response of the management, who instead of telling them  to leave (Here's your refund while we're at it - choke on it and the chicken too), told this girl's family that they had to leave. Had I been the Father in this case, I would have remained seated, waited for the cops to be called, and demanded that they either tell me that I could stay or arrest me."

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