Friday, June 21, 2013

Suing UK Authorities For Sex Gang Nonfeasance

No time to write a post of normal length tonight as I had to attend a wake, but this is a good subject.

I do not call this misfeasance as the prefix "mis"can have connotations of messing up. Malfeasance means that they acted wrongly. This is even worse - they did nothing.

When the Catholic Church, especially that of the US, started getting nailed with massive civil penalties for failing to report knowledge of sex crimes and covering for the criminals in the clerical ranks, the Bishops finally got the message - Do your job or be wrecked financially.

"Gavin Boby, whose Law and Freedom Foundation gained attention for its “mosque-busting” efforts, has now launched a new initiative called “Never Shall Be Slaves”. His aim is to reach out to the young native British girls whose lives were ruined after they were turned into sex slaves by Muslim “grooming and pimping” gangs. He is offering them pro bono help in obtaining financial redress from the authorities who neglected to protect them:"

-The link at top has a video of Mr. Boby describing his work.

British authorities from all sorts of agencies, including the police, knew for many years* that gangs of predators, almost solely Muslim immigrants, were engaging in the wholesale rape of indigenous British girls. The Left and the complicit moderate governmental officials in the UK basically made these animals into protected peoples - off limits to any real investigations or  prosecutions. 

I hope that those who knew and did nothing are held to be personally liable for their failure to act, even if they were doing so under orders from their superiors (Which is certainly true for some of them). No job or career is worth letting the innocent suffer, the guilty go unpunished, or the ruin of your your reputation.

Make them truly regret ignoring their duty.

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