Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 Years Jail, No Deportation For Somali Rapist of Child in Denmark

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

In a prosperous nation of pleasant, good-natured, and law abiding people, the indigenous have been subjected to the fearful living conditions of a third world country. In order to "elect a new people", the electorate-changing tool of multiculturalism has been employed by the Left to import hordes of immigrants from Muslim countries. Far too many of these have enthusiastically taken to following the tenets of their religion, especially when it comes to the treatment of non-Muslim females. "Those whom your right hand possesses", even young girls, are fair game when one is participating in an extended version of an Islamic  "three days of pillage".

A Somali immigrant, who had already forced a 16 year-old Danish girl to perform oral sex at knife-point, was convicted of raping a 10 year-old girl. He had also committed unspecified acts or attempts of sex crimes on two other young girls.

He was sentenced to six years in jail, presumably with a chance to be released in half of that time, and he will not be deported after his release.

In the second link at top, the first victim , her uncle (No doubt seething with a latent Nordic rage at the vicious treatment of his niece and the soft treatment of her attacker), and others are interviewed (Subtitled in English). What comes next is the really gut-wrenching part; a volunteer Sonderkommando from the Danish Human Rights agency claims that he believes that the sentence was fair and that those opposed to it have the burden of proof in convincing an appeals court that the sentence was not an act of Justice.

The Left is at war with the citizens of all Western nations. In Europe, they are feverishly working to turn the indigenous of that region into helpless souls who have no political recourse - and to accept that they can not be reasonably safe in nations in which their ancestors have lived for, in some cases, over two thousand years. To paraphrase Oscar Spengler, we are living in a time when the descendants of people who had courageously accomplished so much are living as as prisoners in their own counties. Gentle treatment of criminals is seen by aggressive Muslim men as a sign of weakness. Living in a comfortable Danish prison which is a hell of a lot nicer than almost any place in Somalia will only embolden the non-Danish and result in more of these attacks.

When the ethnic Danes wake up and see that they are in real danger of being out-voted by those imported by the Left - a people with a pan-national religion who will welcome the dismantling of Danish (Or that of any other Western nation) sovereignty, and that their women are effectively advertised by their own government as "up for grabs" for the pleasure of non-Danes, things will change.

If Western Europeans are not able to take back their governments, the tipping point eventually will still come, and when it does it will not be pretty:

The prologue is long, but it is necessary to set the stage for the possible outcome.

In other news, Syrian President Assad is warning the West that, if they continue to call for support for the rebellious Islamists, the war will in time be brought right to their own doorstep.

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