Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flee The West? Only if You Have a Plan For Its Future

Gates of Vienna graciously  posted the above post from a few few weeks ago in their news feed yesterday.

A response that the post got was understandable but telling.

The writer noted that he had left the UK and moved to Southeast Asia. He noted that he was done with the horrors of Cultural Marxism and the ongoing violence from Muslim immigrants to which his fellow citizens are subjected. He added that there were many more John Bulls who have made the same move.

- and I can't blame him for feeling that he had no other option; I had once briefly entertained the thought of doing the same myself.

What hold me back from acting out on this reactive choice though, is my deep appreciation for Western Culture (All the best aspects of it) and the understanding, from years of extensive reading of Western History. Both of these have forced me to come to the following conclusions:

That I would be running from the fight (And it will come one day), thus making the work of the Left easier for the lack of one more opposing Westerner.

That I would (If I moved my family) guarantee that, after a generation or two, their Western identity itself would be diluted in a sea of a completely foreign culture.

With either option, the Left wins - and handily so.

I am reminded of some families from the former Confederate States of America. Unwilling to accept that their (Fortunately) failed attempt to fight a war to protect their "Cornerstone of the Confederacy" would change things more than they could bear, they moved to Latin American nations such as Brazil to set up communities in what would amount to a permanent self-imposed exile. To this day, I understand that their descendants still host gatherings that mark the emigration of their ancestors, but one crucial thing must be kept in mind.

Each and every one of them that is still in Brazil is a Brazilian. (Or Cuban, Mexican, etc.)

There is of course noting wrong with that if one was born into a Brazilian family or if he wants to become a Brazilian, but I have no doubt that those who fled the Reconstruction-era South had no intention of having that result. They no doubt hoped that their children would marry those of other expatriated families and that they could continue to keep their Southern-American identity for as long as they wished.

I have a friend who so fed up with the scheming of the Bilderberg Group and other Oligarchic/Socialist mixture groups, as well as with the disastrous state of American society and politics, that he has strongly considered moving his family to China.

Where his grandchildren will become Chinese. They will be subjects of a government that (Aside from its free-marker policies for Chinese people) believes that it has the authority to limit births, prohibit firearm ownership, control the leaders of the Church, and render the individual into a body that can be ordered about by the state as it sees fit.

We, the products of the free societies of the West; institutions quite unique in the world, should not give up so easily. For over 2,500 years, too much has been sacrificed for the heirs to this culture to just let it be taken away from the world scene, at least not without a fight.

After Hannibal had dealt the Romans of the Republic their third and catastrophic defeat at Cannae, a young officer named Publius Cornelius Scipio, later to receive the appellation "Africanus", became aware of a plot of discouraged Roman officers to flee Italy and seek shelter in the court of a foreign prince. For all we know, their intention may have been to drum up support for a counter-offensive, but Scipio could not risk yet another blow to Roman morale. Bringing with him a band of loyal Romans, he confronted the plotters at sword-point and forced them to swear an oath that they would not abandon their country.

Roman and Greek exiles and subjects of ostracism also often put the nation of their birth ahead of their own bad feelings and resentment about those who had forced them out. They returned to, not only help, but lead their people when their nations were in their darkest hours. The accounts of Marcus Furious Camillus and Aristedes are just two to mention for the moment and should be read by all.

As I have noted in the earlier post, if Westerners make a conscious choice to leave their nations, the location should be given serious consideration. The country or region should be one in which Westerners can live with other Westerners and coalesce to preserve and protect all the noble aspects of Western Culture.They should take steps to ensure that their children and grandchildren will learn Western History, its attributes, its Christianity and Judaism (For Jews who are done with the Left but prefer to live in the West) and its virtues, both moral  and those of work.

For now, I will leave out my position that, if everything is lost, the Future is with Russia. I will also leave out for today the possible last fights for freedom by courageous Westerners in their respective nations. What I mean to bring up now is a salvage operation in the Western world.

Even a small group of 10-20 families would be a start. If traditional Western countries (Assuming they will not allow non-Muslims to move there) can't be targeted with the intention of eventually boosting the population of ethnic Westerners, East/West mixed countries such as Poland, Croatia or another nation that has not piled on hordes of Muslim immigrants are good choices. I am almost hesitant add New Zealand or Australia as they have Christmas in the wrong season but in reality these are good choices. Here, these small communities can grow, prosper without the heavy hand of the Left, and teach their children about their history so that they can have some sense of identity and pride. Even a small remnant of a Western nation is better than none at all. In time, their example may be of benefit to those who have grown weary with what the left has done to their countries and may be the catalyst for a revival of Western Culture.

My point is that such a move would be immeasurably better than moving to China, Singapore, Costa Rica, or somewhere that, by your absence, you would effectively be complicit in the declining birthrate, which has been a main cause of the fall of every great civilization. This would also be a tremendous example to those who have no desire to become, say Chinese, but still know that something must be done. Second or third generational repatriation would also be a much easier adjustment from these countries than from a Asian nation, which fosters an entirely different mindset and make a very different person.

I think that I beat this horse to death. My point is this:

If you truly want to leave the insanity of the Western world of today, make something good come of it. Don't just retreat and let your inheritance die with you.

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