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Western Socialism - The Managerial Elite

For a long time, I was unfamiliar with the term "Event Cascade". In trying to come up with a brief description of what happens in a dysfunctional organization, family, or state, I attempted to modify an older phrase into "Chains of Events" to explain how the repeated ignoring of problems, failures to follow common-sense polices and practices, introduction by power-hungry managers of controlling practices that restrict employees from doing their jobs, and a culture that makes people fearful of speaking out about current and predicted crises come together to virtually guarantee either repeated day-to-day or catastrophic operational failures. It was only after reading about the Fukushima disaster that I encountered the term Event Cascade. Procedures must be followed and periodically reevaluated, and if employees and low-level managers have have no ability to address wrongful acts or omissions , the system will have problems that could easily have been avoided

A similar thing occurred when I was attempting to find a phrase to describe the type of ruling elite that has taken over the West. 

Forgive me for generalizing here on early governments:

Some early societies relied on the strongest and least abusive to make key decisions for the group. In time, deference would often be given to Elders. As civilized agricultural communities arose, we see the priest-king ruling over a large body of workers. That would change in time to effect a split between the kings and the priests. Smaller city-states such as those of Greece or Rome spread out the ruling power among those who owned (And were allowed to own) property, creating either Republics or true Democracies. factors such as widespread speculation and slavery eventually turned the former small landowner into a city-dwelling welfare recipient. Other early Western Cultures such as the Celts, Germans, and Macedonians, had a king that was not much more than a head of the leading men. The ancient Hebrew society had elements that were a mixture of tribal and republican (With a later addition of Kingship). Some "Republics" such as that f Venice and Russian principalities, were actually oligarchies, with a select few families wielding power. In large empires (Chinese, Byzantine, Persian), the governmental machinery brought the non-aristocratic bureaucrat onto the scene. With the inevitable collapse of Roman society and government in the West, that part of Europe saw the long rule of the nobility; with the Church often providing the closest thing to a real governmental structure and the peasant being less than an also-ran.

As the money economy returned to Western Europe, the bourgeois (Burger, Burgos, etc.) class gained greater amounts of power, eventually reducing and in some cases eliminating the power of the nobility.

There followed the big bankers and large-scale industrialists, who incited world wars for their profit and to this day exercise a massive amount of influence in world affairs. It is ironic that the very power-brokers who first played nations off against each other to make money now work to eliminate sovereign nations entirely in order to make money more easily.

With the advent of Marxism, probably the most anti-intellectual short-sighted solution ever to arise (The worst of the Industrial Revolution was but a blip on the radar of world history and on no way necessitated the transformation of the world population), the intellectual, or rather the pseudo-intellectual gained prominence.

From this point, the individual who had likely contributed the least to society in the way of taxes, consumption of goods, parenthood (raising children well is a tremendous gift to society) , military service, real volunteer work (that actually helps people), or any other tangible or intangible contribution would be the decision-maker. The more time that was spent in the classroom, at the Progressive and Leftist press and think-tanks, and in the party headquarters, would be the one who got positions of power and influence in the New Order.

This system, of course collapsed, everywhere and far faster than Athens, Sparta, the Roman Republic and Empire, the US (We had a good run but are facing the end), and the large empires of history, die-hard Marxists needed a new way to make their agenda "work".

I have previously mentioned Cultural Marxism, the baby of Leftists such as Antonio Gramcsi and Georg Lukaks, and Frankfurt School, from which this strategy was launched; undermine all of the Culture of the West, religion, patriotism, ethnic and cultural identity and pride (Including the disparagement of all noble aspects and history of Western Civilization) , the family, and the table is set for the creation of a Socialism that has no non-Socialist rival to run it out of business as what eventually happened  to the USSR.

But what to call the actual ruling elite of Western Socialism?

We can't simply call them Marxists as they are partnered with the banks and the industrialists - "they" being the Leftists who from policy and act in unison to drive all pockets of opposition underground. Academics, journalists, radical environmentalists and atheists, coalitions of gay/lesbians, gratuitous abortion and 'tell 12 year-olds to have sex' lobbies - these are the ones who drive the vehicles of policy.

And I am embarrassed to admit that I never came across a term, nor coined one to my satisfaction, to label them.

Until today, when I read a dug a little deeper on James Burnham.

He was a former Trotskyite, who eventually fled that world of lies for Conservatism*. In his early works, he describes what he refers to as the "Managerial Revolution" The rule of the Managerial Elite.

For example, the Elite would not eliminate private property, but it would eliminate your rights to manage it as you desire.

Think about what follows in our world - The "Managers" would not legislate the family out of existence, but they would certainly marginalize the parents into the status of  full-time babysitters with no real authority. Every aspect of our society would be either run or heavily influenced by the "Managers". Teachers,college professors, large corporations that desire more regulation to run small business out of competition, the Sierra Club, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, NARAL, Radical gay "rights" groups, advocates of anti-White college courses such as "Critical Theory", "Whiteness Studies or "White Privilege", radical environmentalists and animal rights advocates who call for allowing attorneys to bring suit on behalf animals that would be legally recognized as "persons", and all other special interest groups would function as "Managers" - working together to slowly tighten the noose around the neck of a formerly  free society as they bring about a variant of Socialism that is far filthier, uglier, and immoral than that of the former USSR.

It's late and I am exhausted from cutting back all shrubs and branches in my yard, but I now have a term to use to describe who runs the show now, and all this time I had James Burnham to thank - if only I has read more about him earlier.

*He later (In 1964 - after his conversion) wrote the Suicide of the West, which is now going to the top of my reading list.

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