Monday, June 17, 2013

Afghan Doctor Treats Woman - Stoned for Effort / Immigration Update

Severe practices or restrictions in Christianity, or variants of that religion,  are due only to severe and unorthodox interpretations of the Bible.

-In Islam, it is the Koran itself that is severe and leaves no room for interpretation. Men live in fear of being branded as cuckolds or of having loose sisters or daughters. Muslims who choose to do so can live as moderates in countries in which they are a small minority, but that option is not available when Sharia is the law of the land.

Imagine a society in which a woman has to reach out for a male relative (And a close one at that) just to be checked and treated by a physician. If one is not immediately available, well tough luck. Having to endure pain and possible complications from postponing treatment is only one aspect of this lifestyle; the other is that even medical professionals must live in fear of retribution for doing their job.

"KABUL, Afghanistan — A mob attacked an Afghan medical doctor and his female patient, stoning the doctor after the two were discovered in his private examining room without a chaperon, Afghan officials said on Thursday.............

........ a crowd quickly gathered on the street below the doctor’s second-floor office after word spread that he was treating a patient alone. The police arrived to escort them out of the office, according to Nabila Rahimi, head of the legal department of the ministry of women’s affairs in the province, and were able to protect the woman from serious attack, but not the doctor. Ms. Rahimi said attackers threw Dr. Hashimi off a balcony into the crowd below, and people began stoning him."

As of this point, we don't know of the doctor is dead or alive.

This must be what we are still fighting, dying, and spending money for in Afghanistan. 

In other news, Ann Coulter again demonstrates that she, and almost she alone, is fighting the battle that will end in either a possible period of breathing space or the end of our republic. 

"Amid a slew of other national controversies, some fear that the significance of immigration reform has taken a back seat. But speaking with Ann Coulter on his radio program Monday, Glenn Beck said proposed legislation would mark the “final shots” to the “fundamental transformation of this country.”

Coulter agreed, saying its passage would herald the “rise of the plutocrats,” and will be most devastating for those who are already struggling, “including recent immigrants, who [the left] purports to love so much,” she said.

........................The crime rate went up dramatically after Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act, and it has not gone down to its pre-1965 Immigration Act levels.”

But more than that, both Beck and Coulter argued that Republicans are unlikely to ever win another national election with millions of new voters statistically likely to vote Democrat."

I don't how Ms. Coulter finds the energy and resolve to keep up this fight while so many other conservatives, fearful of accusations of racism, have embraced the nation-dooming "path to citizenship". If she is ultimately successful  -and the odds are not good, she will at least have bought us some time to regroup and rethink our strategies.

Ms. Coulter's efforts remind me of the historical account of King Arthur. Leading his fellow Britons to a decisive victory at Mount Badon (Or Badon Hill), he staved off the invading Saxons for a generation. Those who came after Arthur ultimately failed to match Arthur's success, but the memory of the King has lived on. The Welsh, Cornish, and even the descendants of the Anglo-Saxons have drawn inspiration from his example.

One day, our descendants may read about Ms. Coulter and wonder why so few supported her.

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