Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reveling in our Iniquities While Christians Are Murdered

As many enthusiastically celebrated another nail in the coffin being hammered in by the Supreme Court with the gutting of Proposition 8,  Boko Haram was hard at work slaughtering Christians.

"LAGOS, Nigeria (TheBlaze/AP) — The pastor would not renounce his Christian faith so the Islamic extremists slit his throat.

High school students were taking exams in defiance of the militants of Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is forbidden.” So the gunmen mowed them down at their desks.

The group that Nigeria’s government has declared a prohibited terrorist organization “declared war” last week on vigilante youths who have been arresting suspects and handing them over to soldiers fighting to crush the insurgency in the northeast part of Africa’s most populous nation and the continent’s biggest oil producer.

Clearly, the situation is dire.

The radical group that once attacked only government institutions and security forces is increasingly targeting civilians. Some 155,000 square kilometers (60,000 square miles) of Nigeria are now under a state of emergency......"

Our society has become fully polarized. One side maintains a coalition of Leftists, wreckers of morality and sacred institutions, those who grant dangerous powers to the government*, eugenicists who laud slaughtering the unborn and ourselves, along with other assorted  iconoclasts, and the other stands by largely silent and afraid to act as the edifice is readied to collapse on its undermined foundation.

In Nigeria, as with other Muslim-majority nations, Christians do not have the option of shaking their fist at God, their Culture, or a society's most important institution - they are too concerned with protecting their own lives.

Not that I want our children to be faced with the threat of violence in their day-to-day lives, but I have come to hold that, the longer a society gets to enjoy living in safety and peace, the more open it is to either engaging in inherently wrongful activity or just doing nothing while others commits the acts of destruction. 

In the end, the people will be fully enervated and so lacking in virtue that they will no longer be able to defend themselves from any invader, nor will they be able to endure a change to the easy and prosperous life to which they have grown accustomed. 

We are setting ourselves up for a very big fall.

We have two completely different societies in this nation, and one will not only refuse to yield on any issue, it will insist that those on the other side accept every new demand. They will not stop - Churches will (For one example) soon be targeted for refusing to officiate for fake marriages. 

We will have to divorce one society from the other. Let them have their half to run they way they wish. The nation can no longer maintain this charade of unity. 

* -When a people decides that a government has right-making powers, a dangerous precedent is set. A body that can grant rights can, by extension, take rights away:

".....Marriage existed as an institution long, long before any governments were ever created. Therefore, governments can only, like they do with private property, regulate and protect it. Laws can be made to bar people from marrying others before a divorce, at too young an age, if too closely related, or prohibit polygamy/polyandry (And even close relations and the latter technically may be argued to be beyond the pale of government control), but they have no authority to redefine marriage. To declare that one exists when it does not means that the State has effectively codified fake marriages....."

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