Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MSNBC - George Wallace Was a Republican

You can safely avoid believing the apologies that were made for the following; they knew what they were doing from the beginning. This was no mistake.

That's right, the man who exemplifies segregation like no other has had his Party affiliation changed - and almost 15 years after his death at that.

I am reminded of the Evangelical claim that "St. Patrick was a Baptist".

I know that the Democrats love to have dead people vote, but I never heard of them actually doing a post-mortem change of  parties for them.

Again make no mistake, Leftists live for lying about  history. When they do the telling, Any historical event in Western History that deserves admiration either did not happen or, if it did, was only the action of people with purely selfish motives.  

When the bad guy comes from the political party that has been fully co-opted by the Left, things are still relatively easy. As Big Brother controls the past, one can simply change what the guy was.

The Democratic Party is  the party of slavery, Northern anti-war sentiment in the Civil War, Jim Crow, Segregation, staunch opposition to Civil Rights, and the Great Society. The latter transformed large swaths of a body of Americans who were creating a solid middle class and utterly ruined them, subjecting them to generation after generation of dependence on the government for their basic needs.

The history of the Democrats and Black Americans does not sit well with the story that the Left fabricates, so we have Hollerin' Howard Dean telling Blacks at the Democratic Convention that the only people of their group at the Republican Convention were the hired help. We also have Jawjackin' Joe Biden, the most vulgar public official of whom I am aware, telling Blacks that the Republicans, (From the Party of Abolition, Lincoln, and Civil Rights) would "..put y'all back in chains".

MSNBC apologized for the "R" label for Wallace, but they did not do this by accident. We are a visual-learning culture. We have grown up with TV and visual learning aids. Virtual all of us have developed some degree of a photographic memory of images. What the people saw, be they truly or willfully ignorant, (Or just lying to themselves), will be burned into their  memory. The staff at MSNBC knows that, no matter how many times friends. coworkers, and family members note that the network apologized and clarified that Wallace was a Democrat, those that are more comfortable wallowing in ignorance will stick with what they saw. They will hold fast to this photo no mater how much evidence you pile on their desks.

George Wallace, prior to being the subject the most recent 'Two Minute Hate",was made to be something that he was not. The people cannot know the history of this nation, particularly when it comes to Democrats, so it must be changed. While the image of Emmanuel Goldstein's face was changed into that of a sheep, Wallace restrained his physical appearance but not his true identity.

The staff of MSNBC got what they wanted. They are at war with the truth, and we had better start fighting back.

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