Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Leftist War on British People


Hat tip to Gates Of Vienna.

To create a classless society, the Left needs to excise any factors that may cause someone to be aware of his identity or heritage. Part of this requires that the people of Britain be subjected to an ongoing campaign of purposefully misrepresented genetic data with pre-planned conclusions. These tell us, in a nutshell, that there was never any such thing as a significant  Anglo-Saxon presence on the island and that the Irish, Welsh/Cornish, and Scots are not descendants of migrants but merely of the earliest indigenous inhabitants of that region*.

* A more detailed refutation of these points will be posted soon.

The parallel plan is to marginalize native Britons of all types of descent but making them a minority in their own nation. Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party cites examples by which he firstly exposes the hypocrisy of the Left in asserting that every people in the entire world, except Western Europeans, have the right to live as an ethnic/cultural majority in their own nation. Once that is completed, Mr. Weston, by putting the Leftist into a corner, forces him to admit what his true intentions are -the liquidation and/or subjugation of the people of Britain.

Excerpts from the link at to:

"........This sparks off more accusations of racism, but I then ask the following question: “You tell me British Colonialism was wrong, yet you have no problem with Britain being colonised. This tells me it is not colonialism that bothers you, but the existence of traditional Britain. Is this the case?”

The leftist reply to this is that Britain committed all sorts of atrocities in the past, and it is now retribution time. I then ask them if they carry this same view over to other forms of colonialism. For example, the Zulus ethnically cleansed the Hottentot from Southern Africa, so based on leftist logic was it not a morally just form of retribution when the Zulus in turn were subjugated by the British and the Dutch? If the leftist considers this was not morally just, was it purely because the British and Dutch colonisers were white?..........

So the next question I ask the leftist is this: “Do you agree that all indigenous people, regardless of their skin colour, have a legal and moral right to their traditional existence and to their homeland?”

The leftist will then tell me that all people are entitled to such a basic requirement,except for white Europeans who are historically guilty of murder, oppression, slavery, etc etc.

My penultimate question to them is this: “Demographics predict the native British will become an ethnic minority in their own homeland before 2050. Do you agree this is direct contravention of the UN’s Definition of Genocide; in direct contravention of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; and in direct contravention of any real world definition of decency and morality?”

The leftist will reply there is no such thing as the Indigenous British. Britain is an immigrant nation anyway, and is all the better for it. He tells me the world is One World and all are welcome. To resist this is racist, they say.

My final question is this: “So, you deny the existence of the English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish as legally and morally recognised races; you deny them their right to a nationality and a culture; you deny them their right to remain as an ethnic majority in the land of their birth, and you deny them the right to their homeland?”

By this stage, the leftist is so furious that I have forced him into a corner, and so furious that I have questioned his morality (which he feels he possesses but I do not) that he then injudiciously replies: “No, you have no rights to any of these things because of your historical actions, and you’re now getting everything you f******g well deserve.”........"

The Left has no delusions about their intentions. All of their praise of multiculturalism is just a veil for their campaign to eliminate Western Culture.

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