Saturday, March 2, 2013

Florida Teen Suspended for Disarming Student Gunman

On a school bus, a high school football player pulls a gun on fellow student. Three students step in to stop the assault. One of the three was able to wrest the gun away.

The latter student's thanks for this brave act?

-a three day suspension for being involved in a weapon-related incident.

Our Leftist society is needful of turning young men into sheep. Our boards of education unwilling to deal with complaints and lawsuits from parents of students who commit crimes. Our administrators write policies in a manner that allows them to hide behind the rules while punishing the good kids.

No one can affect to be under the impression  that school administrators were so ignorant of the facts that they needed to take actions that are provided in district policies for situations that are true emergencies. I have no doubt that there were quite a few fellow students who were chomping at the bit to tell everyone what happened.

These actions will, as the intellectual elite are aware, only cause more people to be hurt and killed. They know fully well that the best way to make everyone helpless victims is to make potential sheepdogs afraid of getting into trouble.

If I were a police chief, I would send this kid a a letter telling him to stay out of real trouble and, on the very day he reaches the minimum age, to apply for a job at my agency 

A representative of the district administration, utilizing a common practice of today that is effectively an admission of wrongdoing, cites a law and pretends to believe (Or pretends that we will believe) that his answer provides justification for his apathy, cowardice, and failure to stand up for what is right:

"We cannot discuss specifics involving students," said district spokesman Alberto Rodriguez in a statement. "Florida law allows the principal to suspend a student immediately pending a hearing."

The intent of emergency suspensions is to prevent a dangerous or violent act from occurring. If a student is acting violently, has been reported to have a weapon, or is believed to be planning to otherwise harm someone, then laws and policies such as these should be employed in order to keep students safe. These may occasionally be utilized to prevent further violence if a situation appears to be ongoing, but this incident in no way fits this criteria.  

This is a disgrace.

I am locating the district website and, via email, explaining to the district officials what they need to do:

-Apologize to the student.

-Rescind the suspension and remove it from his record

-Commend him for his actions

-Change school policies to prevent an innocent from being punished before any effort is made to get a preliminary gathering of the facts

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  1. 100 years ago an incident like this would generate a mob with rope. And they would use it.

    We have been hamstrung by laws, institutions and attitudes which have stripped us of our basic rights to make teachers and other government officials our servants who fear us instead of masters who scorn us.

    Unless we make some needed changes in our society, I see a return to a new kind of feudal society with authority dispensed by bureaucrats and technocrats instead of the people as the Founding Fathers intended.