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Bioshock Infinite Video Game Rabidly Anti - US and Christian

I found the conclusions of the above article very disappointing, especially as the writer clearly had on hand quite a bit of details about this new video game. In fact, it was from the same article that I obtained all of the information that I have. The writer, Mytheos Holt (I have always assumed that this was a pen-name) usually handles the material well, but I think that he missed the mark on this occasion.

I will limit my thoughts to how I interpreted the quotes from the creators of the game and the details provided by Holt:

Quote from its creator, Ken Levine:

“The current political conversation in America is exhaustingly the same conversation that’s been going on for hundreds of years. We are very much like two countries. America has been this bifurcated thing for a long time.

“The American Exceptionalism, theocracy-based power structure has been around the edges of American culture for a long time. BioShock Infinite gives it its full day in [Kangaroo at best] court.

Aside from his curious manner of using the word "exhaustingly", Levine's purpose seems clear enough from the get-go; admit that we are effectively two country, then intentionally misrepresent the side opposing yours to make them look like the bad guys. American exceptionalism has been attacked mercilessly by the Left, a camp that would rather see us ruled by an elite that decides how even the most mundane and basic aspects of a person's life will be controlled. The charge of theocratic rule has been a common toll of modern Leftists.  Atheists and Leftists, both of which see the State as their God, have not only attacked our Judeo-Christian cultural background, but have continually acted as if it never existed. Although our republic is clearly secular, our Founders were overwhelmingly imbued with a strong sense of thought that was derived from Judeo-Christian principles. They had no intention of creating a theocracy or having an institutionalized religion, but they were fully aware that, in the hearts of the people, their faith would be a guide in how they conducted their own lives and in their choices of leaders. It was also never in doubt that these leaders would begin with the same understanding whenever they undertook to make their decisions. John Adams himself, being no stranger to irreverent jest and a firm believer in secular government, noted that our Constitution would work only for a religious people:
"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people."

Mr. Levine clearly has no intention of painting a picture that has any degree of accuracy. He wants to pretend to be under the impression that our nation was built by a non-believing people and that those who advocated any inclusion of religious principles were on the radical periphery. Yes, some people pushed religion too far, but that is what I say, not what Mr. Levine says. The latter would make any person that was concerned about the lack of Judeo-Christian principles out to be the radical; a classic case of projection om his part.

The Left also paints Americans as ignorant racists and as needful of reminders that our Founders and Constitutional Framers were not deities:

"The framers were not gods and were not infallible"

Again, from the game:

"It should also be noted that, while the promotional materials for the game might make this misunderstanding more likely, all one has to do is play the game for about ten minutes before it becomes clear that the Founders are not so much a thinly veiled political allegory as an obvious work of fiction. This can be seen when the protagonist of the game first enters the city of Columbia after being nearly drowned in a botched baptism, and sees a group of fellow emigres praying to statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, and addressing those statues as Gods rather than men......"

Leftists and their supposedly more moderate Progressive friends detest those who own property, pay taxes, and thus feel that they should have a say in how things are done. Being that their idea of how things should be entails the subjection of the people to a rule of a small class of elites, they again project their desire for totalitarianism onto Americans.

"In fact, Columbia’s (The city of the bad guys in the game) economic system is portrayed as more feudal than capitalist. Propaganda videos inside a gun manufacturers’ factory liken company owners to lions, and workers to oxen, while completely discouraging the idea of upward mobility which forms the basis of capitalism."

Aside from a token shot at ruthless Communist insurgents in the game, it seems as if the main idea is to portray Americans as religious fanatics bent on establishing a racial supremacy. Those who admire the virtues, courage, and sacrifices of the Founders and Framers are mocked as deifying these rather than honoring their work by refraining from wrecking it.

From what I gathered from the information provided in the article at top, the game is quite anti-US and Christian. I thank the writer for his work, but disagree with his conclusions.

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  1. Ironic considering the game is being mass sold. Millions of dollars made off anti-capitalist propaganda, smells like Michael Moore.