Friday, March 1, 2013

Republicans Running Themselves Out of Business

When Ronald Reagan famously stated that the US needs a revitalized, back-to-its-roots  Republican party as opposed to a third party, what he said may have been partially true at that time.

Not that Reagan was all that Conservative; sure, he was pro-prosperity and all that, but he was not averse to playing the all-powerful national government game. In his last years (Around the same time that his mind was found to be failing), he advocated restricting magazine-fed semiautomatic rifles to government personnel.

It was also Reagan who played the money card to force states to adopt the minimum drinking age of 21, Nothing more clearly proves that the national government is taking in too much money than the act of withholding highway funds to force states to comply with what the elite wants. If they have money to withhold, then maybe they should be taking less money in the first place.

The electorate, although shot-out from the 60's and 70's, was far from ruined in his day. Today, the never ending campaign of the Left in Academia and the media, combined with the almost wholesale granting of citizenship to those who entered the country illegally, have created an enormous base of Leftist-minded residents who would have nothing short of a Socialist state.

-and the colleges keep pumping out more of them.

Now, Republicans, having grown timid of standing by Conservative and American principles, have again taken to throwing in their lot with the Liberals.

"As the gay marriage debate continues to heat up, prominent Republicans — and some surprising names at that — are emerging to voice their support for same-sex unions. Following a blistering loss in the 2012 presidential election, discussion about social issues, particularly gay rights, has emerged as a potentially-problematic area for right-of-center politicians. And in an era colored by increasing support for homosexual marriage, the pressure is mounting.

This week, more than 80 prominent Republicans, including top advisers to President George W. Bush, four former governors and two members of Congress signed a legal brief that proclaims gay people have the right to marry under the U.S. Constitution. The document will be submitted to the Supreme Court this week, where it is purportedly intended to add to the voices that will be heard during two upcoming gay rights cases, The New York Times reports."

Eureka! We have found a way to get votes! The only reasons that we are losing elections is due to our former refusals to uphold immigration laws and to employ the power of the state to force people to recognize marriages that, by their very nature, cannot exist.

As noted in previous posts, marriage existed long before any government. Governments can regulate marriage to prevent abuses but they cannot create rights or natural institutions. Marriage technically does not need a government official or even a clergyman to officiate. We need governing bodies to prevent people, for example, from marrying underage spouses or marrying again before a divorce. Even the Catholic Church, an admittedly highly-centralized and priestly organization, does not hold that, in the long-term absence of priests, people would be unable to marry. The Catholics of post-Tokugawa Shogunate Japan are a case in point. Baptism and marriage can be performed by lay people if no Church officials can be brought into a region or nation. If a 2,000 year-old body that is very hierarchical in nature does not claim to be the sole approving body for marriage, then it follows that no civil government can dictate that people accept fake marriages simply because the motions of the legislative or court processes were followed.

These Republicans have convinced themselves that, having unloaded the burden of protecting marriage, appreciable numbers of gays and gay agenda supporters will now run to the polls and vote enthusiastically for them. Now, their message of prosperity will surely be more than sufficient to garner votes.

I will be shocked if this will get them a hundred more total votes in the next national election.

They will lose far more votes from disgusted voters staying home than they will gain.

We need a real third party more than ever. The Republicans who want to fight for this nation and its culture are welcome to leave and join the new party once it is established.

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