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Bloomberg - Model for the New Totalitarians

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is one of the faces of the new totalitarians.

In his comments on the addition of more cameras to the streets of the city, he spoke so enthusiastically about the developments in this type of technology that he sounded like he was actually salivating. I was reminded of someone who is describing the best steakhouse or pizza place that he ever visited.

In the second article, Obama brings in a guy who claims to be a gun owner who supports universal background checks. The media leaves out that this will include an effective registration of all guns by recording the data on each gun transferred and a prohibition on, say, giving one of you guns to your nephew. The speaker has in his hands a shotgun with the action closed (You can't be sure that it is not loaded) and also holds it parallel to the ground, something that is never done unless you plan to fire the weapon or have ensured that the area downrange from the firearm is clear. As kids (presumably his) are playing in the near background, the speaker cannot claim to know that they will not run in front of that gun.
Later, while I was looking at a larger image, I saw that it appears that the speaker has his finger inside the trigger guard. This is the worst safety violation of all.A finger never goes inside the trigger gaurd unless the weapon is to be fired. This has got to be the worst video ever made.

Obama comes down on people and organizations* by requiring them by law to pay for people's abortions, abortion drugs, and contraception (Even the regular pill is known to function as an antiabortion), would have you forced to pretend that fake marriages exist and be unable to defend yourself . Bloomberg goes right after the individual himself, coming after one habit or practice after another.

*Pope Francis I may well turn out to be Obama's nightmare. Firstly, the American bishops have not backed down despite Obama's pretend compromises that no one thinks change anything and have also called Barry's bluff. The Argentine who is a second-generation Italian (That's some combination when it comes to attitude) appears to have the guts to stand against a demagogue. This could become a modern version of the medieval-era Investiture Controversy. The picture of Obama standing barefoot in the snows of Canossa is enough to warm my heart.

Obama uses the machinery of the state to make you powerless to refrain from participating in the sins of another, and Michael uses the same power to restrict you like a child.

This is not a nanny-state. These are the manifestations of the totalitarian socialism that is being established in the West. As of yet, you will not be sent to Siberia, but you will certainly have to be a party to another's wrongful acts and will have no freedom to decide what you eat, drink, or do otherwise. As many immigrants of the 60's-80's from from the Warsaw Pact nations have noted, no one experienced a degree of control that was this pervasive in the old country.
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All of this brings me to something that I gleaned from the days when he was drumming up support for a run at the Presidency. As is common with someone in his case, he gave several interviews in which he would have a chance to tell his life story and have that publicized by the Media. That's not a bad thing in and of itself. What got my goat was a tidbit from one of the artcles.

He stated that, as a boy, he was inspired by the book Johnny Tremain. Many of us have not read this book as anything that makes us aware of our history is either purposely glossed over or demonized by Academia. This story is about a boy who grew up in the days when our protests against British misrule were bringing us ever closer to war and thus independence. It is an incredible and uplifting story.

My problem with this is a simple one. If the actions of the Whigs (American Patriots) were undertaken with the understanding that we should not be oppressed and over-regulated in our daily lives by a government, and the story of a boy who is caught up in these events inspired him, how does Bloomberg think that he can reconcile the two? We are faced with to diametrically opposed concepts; the story of a patriot who desires freedom that inspired boy Bloomberg, and the controlling politician man Bloomberg. I never caught any statement reflecting Bloomberg's volte-face on the idea of Liberty. He just pretends that the two can be paired together without any conflict.

I would compare it to an event from my life. As a boy, I was very inspired by watching the movies, especially that of Disney's, about the defense of the Alamo* in the Texas War for Independence. For the purpose of this post, I will refrain from any arguments in support of or against the motivations or virtue of the Texians (That's what they referred to themselves as back then). I will only add that, although I now have a much clearer understanding of this event, and thus have an appreciation for the motivations on each side, I still do not take the weak Leftist position that the Mexicans were the victims in the conflict.

My point is simple; if I, through years of research on the above noted war, came to the conclusion that the Texians were wrong, I would not cite my boyhood admiration for the men of the Alamo unless it was to clarify that I no longer held to that position and that I now regret the outcome of that conflict and our later war with Mexico.

Bloomberg, in telling us that he was in fact inspired by Johnny Tremain, while at the same time advocating more and more governmental control in people's lives, exposes himself as a hypocrite and a liar in a way that no one else could. He should be more ashamed about his supposed appreciation for our Revolutionary Patriots than anything else that he has done.

*On the one occasion when I toured the Alamo, I did ask if I could see the basement.
Anyone who responds with an answer for that reference will be recognized.


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