Saturday, March 9, 2013

CSCOPE Remedy? For Some, Homeschooling

I have been a father for well over twenty years. I have always held homeschooling to be an option. The reasons that I did not give it a shot, other than the fact that I am very bad at math, were probably the same for many parents; the school environment is a great way to meet friends, learn to function without family members in public settings, gave access to music and art classes without the logistical nightmare of doing that in homes, and enjoy classes like physical education.

What bothered me about public schools, at least prior to the onslaught of most radical anti-western propaganda, was the arrival of ethical crimes such as the Dolch (Word-recognition system that does not teach reading at all*), teaching math by using fingers to count (I had thought that this went out in the neolithic era) , and the realization that students were purposefully being deprived of any history that included ancient Greece and Rome, the development of the English governing system, the reasons for the American War of Independence, and of course anything that included the contributions of Jewish and Christian thought.



Kids that are home schooled also usually lose out on after-school activities such as athletics. While this is not big deal for recreation-age children, this is certainly a major factor once they reach high school age. From what I gleaned from a quick search, only ten states allow home schooled kids to participate in after-school programs. This is indeed unfortunate. State athletic boards are concerned that home schooling can be a means for kids who are not performing well in academics to get to 'back' into the system and some home schooling parents rightly fear more intrusion masked as oversight by the state.

I am torn on the issue. I strongly believe that the best option is to take back our educational system by first separating states that can be saved by their voting patterns. Those in conservative states that want the Progressive/Leftist version of history, along with the designed-to-fail Dolch system and the "newer" new math, can leave and go to the failing states. Those who like I am are fed up with the Left will have to leave my home state if they want to join the restored republic. A restored republic will have to have a Constitution that not only has the safeguards of out current version, but will also need to have new safeguards built in to prevent the systematic destruction that ours has suffered since Woodrow Wilson, FDR, et al.

See the post from yesterday for links on the bottom. These will provide some more detail on what I mean.

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