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Jesuit Celebrates Liturgy With Fake Woman Priest

Fake marriages codified by state statutes, and fake Priests ordained by fake ordinations.
-Things are indeed ugly.

A note to the reader - The National Catholic Reporter, despite its name and concentration of topics related to the Catholic Church, is by no means a friend or supporter of the Catholic Church. It regularly takes positions that are contrary to Church doctrine, practice, and positions. I am not talking about things like the Vatican's bizarre take on Israel and the Arabs of that region, but on real Church-related issues.

The worse part is that the periodical makes a practice of purposely misstating what the Church says and then argues against the straw man that it created. One brief example will suffice to illustrate what I mean.
 - About ten years ago, a parent of a child with Celiac disease (Note that I cannot eat anything with Gluten either), not content with her daughter receiving only the blood of Christ (In the form/accidents of wine) and foregoing the reception of the body (In the form/accidents of bread) insisted that the Church (In Boston I believe), consecrate a rice wafer for her child. As the Church cannot concentrate anything but bread and wine, they were unable to comply with the demand of the mother. (This very subject had been settled many years ago, specifically with the question of consecrating rice, a staple for many Asians, for those communicants) The paper turned the position of the Church completely around and pretended that the Church was stuck on an issue of prohibited foods such as those of the Old Testament. It then assailed that position, which had nothing at all to do with what the Church was saying.

The anti-Church outlook is fairly clear when one reads either the excerpt or the entire article.

"A Catholic priest who participated in a eucharistic liturgy with a woman priest last month has been ordered to no longer celebrate the Mass or perform any other priestly duties.

Jesuit Fr. Bill Brennan, a 92-year-old Milwaukee-area priest, said the superior of his religious community told him of the restrictions Nov. 29, saying they came at the request of Archbishop Jerome Listecki.

Brennan, a retired parish priest and former missionary to Belize, participated in a liturgy Nov. 17 with Janice Sevre-Duszynska, a woman ordained in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests movement.

Brennan said he was hesitant to confirm the news regarding his loss of faculties because he was also ordered not to talk to the press.

"I'm risking my existence in the Jesuit order by talking to you," Brennan told NCR. "But if I've committed a serious sin, [the archbishop] is supposed to be responsible for condemning me ... he's supposed to stand up and be responsible for that.' "
I had to look up the association mentioned in the article as there is no such thing as an ordained woman priest in the Catholic Church. As I noted the NCR utilizes verbiage with the intent of undermining the Church:

This organisation reminds me of a group that I am thinking about making up- The Organization of Coronated Emperors of Europe.

Another glaring example of how the NCR purposely misrepresents the Church follows:

"The Vatican labels the ordination of women in the Catholic church as a grave offense and says participants are excommunicated latae sententiae, or automatically. Pope John Paul II's 1994 letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis effectively forbade discussion of the issue, saying the church's teaching on the matter was to be "definitively held by all the Church's faithful.' "

The terms "Vatican labels" and  "forbade discussion of the issue" are classic NCR Newspeak. By reducing the position of the Church to labeling, the Church's teaching is being made to look like a reactionary and arbitrary declaration. The false claim that the Church forbade anyone from talking about ordaining women has been around since Ordinatio Sacerdotalis* was issued in 1994. The purpose of OS was to present the fact that the Church had no authority to ordain women, not to tell people that they could not talk about it. Those who sought to defy the Church instead of simply leaving it, however, thought that their argument would look stronger if they ran around telling themselves and others that they were put under a gag order.

Apart from the article  this event had its own problems. The Priest is a Jesuit, (The Jesuits are an organization that has long been very anti-Church, see below) and he is from the Milwaukee Archdiocese (This Archdiocese has been in the clutches of rabid anti-Church Archbishops such as Rembert Weakland, who is infamous for spending vast amounts of money to gut the Cathedral to remove anything that looked Catholic).  

As the world moves towards societal, cultural and spiritual collapse, the Catholic Church does have one thing going in its favor (I mean this only in temporal terms). The Popes are elected by Cardinals, and Cardinals are appointed by Popes. As long as Popes invest only qualified candidates as Princes of the Church, the chance of a Pope that supports the play-acting of ordaining women priests is quite remote.

There has been real discussion for the possibility of bring back woman deacons as these existed in the early Church for ministering to women (Modesty purposes), but the man-haters would have none of that. Like play-acted gay marriages they want it all so that the very office of priest (Or marriage itself) can be done away with.

The anti-male hatred of feminists who affect to associate with the Catholic Church was treated thoroughly in the book linked below:

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