Thursday, December 20, 2012

1970's Video Interview of Soviet Defector

The video is long but well worth the time.

Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB defector who risked everything to live in freedom and to dispel the lies that were fed to us about life in the Soviet Union.

As I mentioned in previous posts, Reader's Digest (During the same time period of this interview) was almost the only periodical aimed at the regular guy in which the reality of living conditions in the Soviet Union was reported. Long lines were due to shortages. not a surplus of cash or the desire to get great deals on Black Friday (The Friday after Thanksgiving in the US). One could not travel freely withing the USSR, not could he say, write or do a fraction of what the average Joe could in the West.

Mr. Bezmenov describes how the USSR was engaged in work with Western journalists in order to paint a picture of the Soviet Union that was plainly false. Although acknowledging that many of them knew that what they were reporting was bunk, he does allow that some of these people may have been fooled. Unfortunately  for us, far too many who make decisions and teach in the US today are products of this program.

One periodical in particular that he mentions is Look magazine. That the entire thing was staged is no surprise, but it is interesting to hear him describe how the journalists were cherry-picked for their willingness to report what the apparatchiks wanted.

At the time of the interview, he notes that three generations of Westerners have been conditioned by Soviet influence in the media, academia, etc.

We are now looking at six generations of the same.

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