Saturday, December 1, 2012

West Point Cadet Chapel Hosts Same-Sex Marriage

This was one those events that, given Obama's wrecking ball move to prohibit the US Military from having any say on discipline, was obviously was going to happen, but still was difficult to imagine.

The Cadet Chapel of the US Army Military Academy of West Point has now been defiled by the play-acting of a same-sex marriage.

For those who have not read previous posts on this subject, play-acting in this case refers to a government or similar body going through the motions of approving something that does not exist and that it cannot create.

Marriage existed as an institution long, long before any governments were ever created. Therefore, governments can only, like they do with private property, regulate and protect it. Laws can be made to bar people from marrying others before a divorce, at too young an age, if too closely related, or prohibit polygamy/polyandry (And even close relations and the latter technically may be argued to be beyond the pale of government control), but they have no authority to redefine marriage. To declare that one exists when it does not means that the State has effectively codified fake marriages.

At this point, the question is - If it engages in using the Law to lie,does the US Government still retain its right to govern?

Out of all edifices or practices in the US, the Cadet Chapel of West Point is the closest thing that exists to a fusion of the State with the Christian religious and cultural traditions of the United States. Those who have not visited the Chapel would have a hard time getting the feeling that the Chapel imparts on someone who has entered it. The below link will be of some help as it has multiple images of the inside and outside, but again, you have to be there to experience it:


The style of the Chapel has been called Military Gothic. Inside the Chapel, one feels that he has entered a fort, but something is different. The visitor is taken in by the flags along the walls, the cut stone, the rows of pews filled through the decades by some of the most illustrious leaders of our Army, but the reminder that it is a house of worship of God is immediate and striking. If one can, after entering the Chapel, still have doubt that there is such a thing as American Exceptionalism, he is a either rabid atheist or Leftist or suffers from a serious case of being a dullard.

I am a staunch Catholic, but the Protestant Cadet Chapel is the house of worship that inspires awe at the Academy.

-Now the arm of the State has been employed to require that, like in the Temple of Jerusalem under the late Seleucids and later with the Roman Empire, inherently un-Christian practices be performed under its roof.

The house of worship attended by a train of our Army Officers is now a stage on which God and our nation are mocked.

I hold that we will be held accountable by our Creator and our descendants if we, in the words of Patrick Henry, "stand we here idle" while the dismemberment of our society and culture continues unabated.

Each week ( I am not kidding, The Blaze is a good source for such reports) brings word of yet another court case in which a cross, tablet of ten commandments or nativity scene is ordered to be removed.

This should be an impetus  for believers and non-religious to stand in unity. The Chapel is as much a symbol of our culture as it is a place of worship. We have no choice but to create a third party that has as its platform, in addition to protecting the right to property, taking back primary school curricula and the teaching  of our military, and restoring American Constitutional governance, the following:

I am open to better wording.

-That, while no Church or Doctrine be officially established, no law or court order may be made to either prohibit public displays that recognize our Judeo-Christian culture, or require that a Christian or Jewish House of Worship be forced to host non-Christian practices.

Note that I strongly support the separation of Church and State. Just as I fight atheists and Leftists on this issue, so too I argue with (mainly Evangelicals) who try to paint a picture of our Founders as being much more Christian than they actually were. The historical facts are in the middle in this case.

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