Saturday, December 29, 2012

Obamacare to be Defied by Hobby Lobby

-This is a very bog step but a very necessary one.

The owners of the store chain have decided to, despite the penalties, stand their ground and refuse to engage in behavior that is contrary to their beliefs.

"The owners of Hobby Lobby face $1.3 million in daily fines after they decided to obey God rather than the federal government – refusing to comply with Obamacare’s contraception mandate.

The act of defiance came one day after Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied Hobby Lobby’s emergency request to block enforcement of the mandate, but said the company may continue its appeal in lower courts.

Hobby Lobby is a national arts and crafts chain. They own more than 500 stores in 41 states............"

This is exactly what needed to happen. I cannot commend them in a manner that will do justice to their faith and courage. The next necessary move is for at least one elected or appointed official to refuse to execute the penalty or to take steps to insulate them from being fined for refusing to do something that is against their beliefs.

The decision to engage in private business ventures is not a signal that one gives up his or her right to act according to conscience. An business owner can refuse to do business with a person or other private entity if the practices of the other are contrary to a person's beliefs. The very notion that an individual loses this right simply because he employs people is beyond belief.

When the shameless Justice Roberts threw in his lot with the statists, I saw this coming. Although the question at the time was the mandate to purchase insurance, there was no way that he was unaware of the other court cases challenging the requirement that employers pay for procedures or drugs that are prohibited in certain faiths. 

Roberts, in hammering the third nail* in the coffin into which our Supreme Court, the final bulwark in protecting our freedom, is being placed, happily set the stage for this showdown. He could have easily sided with the four who voted to protect our freedom and by extension avoided this mess, but instead he greased the rail for the financial penalties of soft totalitarianism.

Along with the calls for disarming the people, this case is one in which the Progressives are going to have to. to use a Poker expression, show their hands. The people must then recognize what is happening or ignore it and allow their grandchildren to be enslaved.

* I have noted in previous posts that our Supreme Court no longer exists as a body that protects our freedoms. The first two blows to the Constitutional freedoms of Americans were described in this post:

"Wickard v. Filburn - People can be penalized for growing what they want on their property despite the fact that nobody was harmed and that FDR sickeningly wanted to keep grain prices high when the unemployed were starving.

Kelo v. New London - Forget a right-of way for a road or school, Eminent Domain is allowed for any reason at all. A developer can target your property for seizure in order to build on it and cause the municipality to obtain more tax revenue from the new ratable. The town need not even prove that it is in dire financial straights. They just need to say that they can make more money from the property if it is more built-up."

Obama will in all probability be able to make one to three more appointments in the next four years. We are staring at the effective end of our Republic. I hope that the people begin to open their eyes to this fact before it is too late.

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