Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spain to Deport Ex-Muslim to Pakistan

One of the nations that has a history of Islamic subjugation is to send an ex-Muslim out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The Spanish government, a body responsible for a nation that traditionally defined itself very much by the Reconquista, has officially returned to Dhimmi status.

"Imran Firasat, the Pakistani ex-Muslim who collaborated with Terry Jones on the recently-released movie The Innocent Prophet (watch it here), has now been served with official documents revoking his status as a political refugee in Spain. As an apostate from Islam, if Mr. Firasat is deported to his native Pakistan, he will likely face the death penalty for his “blasphemy” against Mohammed.

Below is the press release that was just sent out by Stand Up America Now:

Imran Firasat has been served the official documents by the Spanish government confirming that his residency status has been revoked.

The authorities quickly hand-delivered the official revocation documents to Imran on Friday evening, December 22nd, giving him no chance to consult his lawyer or plead his case. Through these actions, Spain has proven to the world that it holds Islamic law in high regard, even above its own laws.

Firasat is an ex-Muslim from Pakistan who has taken a radical stand against Islam since his conversion to Christianity. He has received many death threats from Muslim individuals and groups in various Islamic countries for seven years because of his criticism of Islam.

Spain, a free western nation, had given Imran welcome asylum to protect him from these violent and radical Islamic groups........"

The people of Spain shamefully caved in to the Islamic world withing mere days of the Madrid train bombings. To appease those descended from their former oppressors, they elected Zapatero, who went right to work doing all that he could to demonstrate that Spain would not stand up for herself.

Now, the simple act of publicly exposing Islam for what it is is enough to face the wrath of the Spanish government. Firasat, if he is not quickly and mercifully snapped up by another nation at granted asylum (Assuming that Spain honors this hypothetical offer), will be sent to Pakistan, where he will be subject to Islamic Law that provides the penalty of death for leaving Islam. Now, Pakistan will probably enforce its own criminal law codes and only imprison him, the fact that he also was involved in speaking truthfully about Mohammed will only add fuel to his fire. 

Firasat has committed two acts that will seal his fate in a Muslim nation. He has left Islam, and he has insulted Mohammed. Spain could very well have protected his right to speak freely, but the Western European nations bowed to Islamic pressure long ago and most have made such acts unlawful. In this particular case, Firasat has not even violated any Spanish law. Since he is not a citizen of Spain though, Firasat will be treated as a sacrificial lamb.

The Spanish Left prides itself on its resistance to Franco; this while they ignore their atrocities that presaged the Spanish Civil War and were the major cause of the flocking to the Nationalist side. The Left has no attraction to freedom. The have every intention of eventually destroying the sovereignty of Spain as a nation and a pan-national Islam provides a nice example of how a people can be made to forget their identity.

The people of Spain had better rise up in protest to  put a stop to this deportation

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