Monday, December 3, 2012

Revised - Costas Shames Himself With anti-gun Rant

REVISION 12/4/12-

-Looks like Jovan Belcher may not have been so nice even before he was victimized by the presence of a handgun:

"Jovan Belcher allegedly showed a dark side long before he killed his girlfriend and himself on Saturday.

According to a caller to a sports radio show in Florida on Monday, the NFL starter was a "bully" in high school who terrorized other students.

The caller to the Todd Schnitt Show, identified only as "Joe," went on a nearly six minute rant about Belcher's high school years in West Babylon, New York, where he claims his son was also a student.

He alleged that the bullying and terror were so virulent (and ignored by officials) he was forced to move his family to Florida to get away from Jovan Belcher and his cohorts. Excerpts of the interview were published by the program on Monday.

"We went to the police, we went to the Department of Education" said the caller. "We couldn't do nothing about this kid. Around adults, he always acted like he was such a sweet little guy.' "

A 6'2", 228 pound professional football player kills the mother of his child (And later, himself) and the gun that he used is the problem.

-So states announcer Bob Costas.

The Left so detests the private ownership of firearms that they lie in wait for opportunities to lie to us and tell us that we would be safer if we turned over all of our weapons and relied on responding police to help us.

Costas literally pimped the victims of this crime and he used the medium of a football game to do it.

Here is the meat of Costas' statement summarized in two basic lies:

"Handguns do not enhance our safety." 
-No point in even debating this one; we've heard this lie hundreds of times. I am no slouch physically, but if an NFL player like Jovan Belcher came after me, I would use a firearm to protect myself

"They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it."
-Again, the lie is apparent. Armed people, by the fact of being armed, are much less likely to allow a situation to escalate simply because they know that it can result in serious injury or death. They are aware that a fight may not end in a bloody nose. Costas might as well say that the old USSR and the US were more likely to engage in nuclear war because they both had ICBMs.

Jim Gray, the infamous jerk that wrecked Pete Rose's one-time allowed return to baseball for the "Team of the Century" ceremony*, also threw in his support for Costas, but then appeared to take back some of what he said:

*Pete Rose had been banned for betting on baseball while actively involved with the MLB. At the time of Jim Gray's attack, Rose was still denying the accusations(He later admitted to it). I personally believed that he had in fact bet money, but the man was graciously granted dispensation to be a part of the ceremony for one single day, so the only thing to do was let him tell us how pleased he was with being voted on to the team and being given permission to attend. Gray brought up the gambling issue and just would not let up. Rose kept telling Gray that he was happy to be there and that he did not want to talk about the accusations. It was so bad that, after the World Series game that followed, Yankee Chad Curtis, who was being interviewed for winning the game with a home run, told Gray that he and the team had decided "because of what happened with Pete" that they were not going to talk to Gray.

Chad Curtis snub starts at 3:59 on this one -

Here is a Fox News article that treats Costas' omissions fairly well:

Recall that, when people use knives (Or recently, bows and arrows) to murder, the Left says nothing.

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