Thursday, December 13, 2012

Israeli Army Heroine Labeled as Murderer

Those who have read previous posts on women in combat roles know my position on that issue.

For the record, though, I have never held that women cannot fight when needed, especially if they are armed and well-trained.* In this case, we have someone that I would definitely want on my side in a fight.

*Previous posts on this are at bottom.

A female IDF officer (The squad commander title leads me to believe that she is a Sergeant) shot and killed a 17-year old Palestinian whom the media will eternally refer to as a "youth". The "youth" had been pressing what later turned out to be a metal replica handgun to the head of another soldier. Her use of deadly force can not even be called into question once the quotes below are read.

Now she is the target of death threats and calls for prosecution from a shameful enemy.

"A female squad commander serving in the Israel Border Police in Hebron shot dead a 17-year-old Palestinian who had aimed a gun at one of the men under her command Wednesday evening. Only later, it was learned the gun the youth was brandishing – though made out of metal – was fake.

Palestinians started circulating her photo on social media, some demanding she be brought to trial while others threatened her life.

One of the messages said: “There’s no escaping death.” Another said: “You’re going down.”

One Arabic Facebook page posted her photo with the caption: “Wanted for international justice — we demand that this murderer be tried at The Hague Court.' "

-Quote from the brave and decisive defender of her nation and her subordinate soldiers:

“I didn’t have time to think…adrenaline was burning in my body. You have less than a second to understand the situation: either you do something or your fighter is hurt.”

“With one hand … he grabbed the soldier’s neck and pressed against him, and with the other he put the pistol to the soldier’s temple. In that situation, the soldier couldn’t break free or react.” […]

“I was looking for an angle from which to fire without hurting the soldier,” she said, and it was only after she ascertained that his life was in danger that she pulled the trigger.

“After the first shot, he continued to hold the pistol to the soldier’s temple, so I fired two more bullets,” she said, at which point the Palestinian fell to the ground, and she quickly kicked the gun away.

“It was my first time in a combat situation,” she said, explaining that she had reacted “exactly like I was taught.”

With a gun being held to the soldier’s head, there was no way she could fire a warning shot, the officer said. “My subordinate’s life was in immediate danger,” and it was important to fire without hitting him, she said.

The incident occurred near Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs, a location holy to both Jews – who believe Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives are buried there – and to Palestinians.

The Palestinians routinely employ every method available to make the Israelis look bad. Leftist groups, such as the one that sponsored this past year's "bicycle tour" that in which an IDF Sergeant was assaulted and blamed for defending himself (The footage displayed by the media showed only the defense) also utilize this technique.

Both groups rely on the lie and the instigation of violence in order to later portray themselves as victims. Islam's teaching of taquiyya , which is the allowance to lie with the goal of supporting or spreading Islam, is mirrored by the traditional practices of Leftists in which violent conflict is initiated so that their opponents can be blamed for taking appropriate and necessary action.

Note must be taken on the location of the attack on the IDF soldier. Islam, like Evangelical Christianity, seeks to present itself not as a new religion but as the restoration of the original beliefs. Evangelicals would have us believe that the early Church viewed the Eucharist purely in a symbolic sense, doctrinally separated baptism from regeneration, held to a pre-millennial/pre-tribulation rapture, had no office of Elder that had priestly functions, took as its sole source of authority a bible that did not even have a finally decided-upon New Testament until generations later, etc. Many have even tried to argue that Augustine of Hippo was of their persuasion  Muslims claim that Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Ishmael (the father of many Arabian tribes) were Muslims and practiced Islam. That is why there are so many protests at places sacred to Judaism. Their goal is to redefine Hebrew patriarchs as Muslims whose beliefs were corrupted by the Jews.


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