Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut Massacre

I don't have any desire to do a real post tonight.

The thought of the carnage, the trusting little ones who were murdered, and the families who have had their loved ones torn from them is too much.

Now, with the tiny bodies still lying on the floors of an elementary school, the Left is already applying the "don't let a crisis go to waste" maxim by calling for seizure of legally-owned firearms. Obama jumped in also, stating that he will seek to make the ownership of firearms 'designed or intended for the military" illegal.

They pimp the innocent's dead bodies to exert more control and to render us incapable of any serious defense.

We won our nation by the use of firearms that were the same and often better than those of the opposing military forces.

Mass murderers will never ply their evil trade in places in which firearms are allowed. The base cowards only go to places such as schools or movie theaters in which the lie that to be unarmed is to be safer is practiced. One armed teacher may have been able to stop this pig.

I will have to note that the teachers in that school demonstrated tremendous courage and calm in protecting the kids in the best manner that they could.

A criminal in China slashes 20 students with a knife, but that is no problem. Another could drive his car into a group of people, but apparently that is not so bad either.

Let's ask our acquaintances who demand that we all be unarmed that they step up and post signs on their front laws stating that there are no firearms in their houses. When we get some data on how that works out, then we will talk.

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