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Mega Mosque in Tennessee Exposed By Former Supporter

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Eric Allen Bell is a Liberal journalist who had been assigned a project for a movie. The assumption was that any concerns about the purposes of and people in involved in the construction of a massive Mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee were due to the racism, intolerance, etc. of the citizens of the area.

-From the post at top:
"The writer of the two-page article identifies himself as a normal type of Liberal who leaned towards considering "far right" Christians to be a much greater threat than Islam could be. He was involved in numerous articles and a documentary that was essentially a part of the Leftist agenda to whitewash the facts about Islam while demonizing those who oppose it.

The leak in the dyke for him appears to have been a conversation with a cab driver who happened to be a Coptic Orthodox Christian. After hearing the driver's concerns for his family back in Egypt after the ouster of Mubarak, the writer's curiosity was sparked. There followed a number of events that caused him to realize not only the threat that Islamic thought poses to the US and the rest of the Western World, but the terrible state in which subjugated Christians, women, and others are kept in cultures that are dominated by Islam. He began to think that he and his peers were barking up the wrong tree.

In attempts to get his coworkers to step back and reconsider their positions, he began to bring these issues to the attention of his peers and supervisors. This was met by repeated rebuffs and eventually he was branded as a bad-guy Islamophobe."
Mr. Bell has since employed his journalistic abilities and worked in a tremendously determined fashion to expose not only the dark facts about Islam, but the even darker truth about those involved with this construction project. He has researched and reported on the links to radical Islamic groups. He also has endeavored to expose the reality if "stealth" or "civilization" Jihad, the process by which, in a step-by-step manner, Islam is introduced in stages with the full intention of creating an Islamic State within a new nation:

His work can be accessed at his blog:

Mr. Bell has become a leader in the fight against Jihad in the United States and has fearlessly reported, not what the media wants us to think about Islam, but what Islam is.

A big tip of the hat to Jihad Watch for this one. Mr. Bell recently wrote a letter to the Vice President of the Islamic Center on Murfreesboro to inform his of the reasons why he no longer supports the Mosque:

Bolding is added.

"Mr. Kattih -

I wanted to contact you personally, for the record, and to make a few things clear. First, I want you to know that I strongly object to any and all hate speech that is directed at Muslims or any other group. I continue to be saddened when I think of the vandalism that your organization has endured, the threats and the mistreatment and bullying of Muslim children in the schools here.

Unlike some of the people who oppose you, I am able to separate in my mind, Islam from Muslims. A Muslim is a deeply indoctrinated human being who may or may not pose a threat to Liberty. Islam, on the other hand, is the antithesis of Liberty.
You see, my heart has not changed. I am not full of hate. I advocated for you and for the ICM because I believed that the backlash against your mega mosque was only based on religious intolerance and disrespect for civil rights. I still think that some of it is, and I find that regrettable. Some of the people who oppose you truly are bigots, and as an American, they embarass me.

However, I feel deceived by you, by Essam Fathy, by Saleh Sbenaty, by the very shady Egyptian cleric, by Camie Ayash and her very shady husband, and others. I want you to know a few things. One is that I DO NOT stand in solidarity with anyone who wishes harm upon you. I am a peaceful man. But I am really very disappointed to learn that you are deceiving the community about who you are and what your intentions are. And truthfully, it's not just the community, but me personally. I feel sort of "used." That said, I am not a victim and I take full responsibilty for seeing only what I wanted to see. I really wanted you guys to turn out to be the good guys. I remain quite disappointed.

Here's what's going to happen. Enough people have enough information and documents by now that if anything happens to me -- if I just happen to be struck by lightening or die in my sleep or worse -- it won't stop a domino effect that has already been set into motion. The infiltration of the schools will continue to be more and more exposed. You have no idea what kind of resources you are up against. The money laundering will catch up with your organization. Connections to the Muslim Brotherhood will become international news. And the sick and vile truth about your prophet will become something that more and more people will be educated about.

You see, this is not Norway or Sweden or the UK. You're in America now. And we may be a little slow sometimes, a little too accepting, perhaps, but eventually Americans come around to doing the right thing. And there is no way in hell you are going to build an Islamic compound in Murfreesboro, where you will be brainwashing more youth and catering to the already radicalized influx of Muslim immigrants. Civilization Jihad is not going to be a success in Tennessee, or anywhere else in America.

And I also want to make it abudantly clear that I will use our laws, our media, our culture, our American innovation and our patriotism to stop you. But I will never break a law, or encourage anyone else to break laws or harm anyone. In fact, I discourage this in the strongest terms possible. To be violent would lower us to the level of 1,400 years of Islamic conquest. And if we allow ourselves to stoop to your level -- well, then, what is the point in opposing you if in doing so we begin to resemble you?
We don't follow child rapists here and call them prophets. How Mohammed met Safia [Aisha?] is not a love story that warms our heart. We find the killing of poets for offending the "prophet" to be barbaric. We don't make a slave owner into our highest moral example. That would be barbaric, savage and uncivilized. It's unfortunate that this poisonous doctrine is so popular in the Third World -- but you will not be polluting my country with it.

This is the United States of America. Your evil, tyranical political system, your brutal and inhumane, sexist legal system, hidden behind a thin veil of "religion," is not going to take root in Murfreesboro. Without violating anyone's civil rights or breaking any laws, I am committed to stopping the expansion of Islam in America. And if anyting happens to me, all those red flags that the DOJ and the DNJ keep pretending aren't there -- well, how could they be ignored any longer? So when you speak with your foreign backers, use your head. If any of the Muslim kids from MTSU follow through on their threats, I don't think Eric Holder will be able to help you. I'm tired of being threatened with violence for criticizing the "religion of peace."

The vast majority of the members of your congregation welcomed me with kindness and were genuinely good and warm people. I find it tragic that they are being so misled by Islamists such as yourself. Your designs on this place will never be realized. You and your backers will fail. The Ikhwan will fail. The dirty Saudi money will not help you. You have picked the wrong country to immigrate to if your intention is to sell such an inhumane belief system as Islam. We don't need any more crazy here. Unlike Islam, we are not stuck in the past. In America, we strive to evolve.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that you have f-----d [Not edited in the letter] with the wrong country. The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro will become a cautionary tale to all of the other mega mosques that are trying mysteriously to suddenly pop up all over my country. When a new rabat is planned in another town, the board members will find it nearly impossible to exploit their well-intentioned congregations to support it, as everyone will remember how one day the Feds finally got wise to the planners of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, TN and took it down.

You picked the wrong man to deceive. And you picked the wrong country to infiltrate. Liberty means you own you. It's one of the founding principles of America. Islam means submission. Submission [Meaning of "Islam"] and Liberty quite simply cannot coexist.

Islam is first and foremost a totalitarian political ideology -- one which is not only incompatible with our Democratic values, but is a system which has terrorized the world for 1,400 years and is here to teach hatred and sedition. Muslims are welcome in America -- but the political and supremacist elements of Islam that contradict our freedoms, and your deceitful and terrorist-aligned leadership, are not.

I would strongly urge you to use your remaining assets and good will among your exploited congregation to begin planning for an exit strategy.

All the best,
Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell is a courageous and honorable man.


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