Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grandson of a Hamas Founder to Expose Truth About Mohammad in Movie

Hat tip to The Blaze.

I have little time to post tonight. Worthy of mention is an article on a grandson of one of the founders of Hamas. This brave individual, after years of exposure to Islamic thought, left that system. He has worked to help bring terrorists to justice and plans to make a movie about Mohammad; a necessary but bold act that will no doubt endanger his life as well as cause many in the Islamic world to howl in protest.

"....In 1978, Mosab Hassan Yousef was born to the son of one of Hamas’* seven original founders, Sheikh Hassan Yousef. Growing up, Yousef was raised on radical Islamic values and it seemed almost certain that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and proudly become a terrorist.

But sometimes the apple really does fall far from the tree.

As the years went by, Yousef began questioning the ideology that his father and members of Hamas lived by and eventually decided terrorism could not be the answer. After rejecting the designated terrorist group, he converted to Christianity and became an agent for Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, where he helped prevent terrorist attacks and put Hamas operatives behind bars.

In 2007, Yousef was granted political asylum in the U.S. and has been living here ever since. However, his mission to expose radical Islam is just beginning.

The Jerusalem Post reports the former Israeli spy and author of “Son of Hamas” made a surprise visit to Israel last month for the first time since 2007. While in the country, he spoke with the Post and explained why he believes “Islam is a religion of war.”.....

He plans on doing this by putting together a feature film to objectively examine the life of Muhammad — an extremely dangerous undertaking as depicting Muhammad is forbidden under Islam and will likely mark him for death in some radical circles. As the Jerusalem Post points out, the Danish cartoon maker who dared to draw Muhammad was bombarded with death threats from furious Muslims and the controversy ultimately resulted in over 100 deaths.

Now, Yousef wants to take it up several notches and portray Muhammad on the big screen. But he says the risk is worth it.

“We are not trying to offend Muslims, we’re trying to bring the truth,” he told the Jerusalem Post. “If this suicide bomber who is trying to kill many people is motivated by that ideology, I would love to seed [sic] doubt in his head, at least to be able to question before he goes to commit suicide.”.....

On a side note, the Sun Network has a video done by Charles Alder concerning the terribly brutal treatment of women in Islam, particularly of those in Afghanistan. He also notes that the coalition troops have been rendered unable to do their jobs by the wide range of restrictions on their military operations:

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