Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama Birth Certificate Torn Apart by Expert

I have little time to post tonight. We have family staying with us for a couple of weeks and typing away while they are here comes off as rude. This is especially the case when my atrocious typing is taken into account -  my typos can lengthen my posting time by a third.

In any case, I cannot do justice to the amount of time, effort, and marshaling of evidence and arguments that the writer quoted in the linked post has put into this. He makes an extremely convincing case that the PDF file of Obama's birth certificate never existed in paper form prior to being printed from the actual PDF file.

Hat tip to American Thinker.

Any comments of mine would be of no help in summarizing his arguments and conclusions. I have no knowledge of layers in PDF files or how scanning and copying can produce different results from that which has been presented to us by the White House.

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