Monday, July 16, 2012

Anarchists Targeting Republican National Convention

We have every reason to expect an ugly August.

"A video posted by an anonymous Occupier under the YouTube account, VforVendetta12345678, is claiming that a large group of “anarchists and radicals” has mobilized and formed what they call the “RNC Welcoming Committee,” which will protest the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August."

Here a list of the claims on the video in the second linked article. The video is fairly short and has a poorly sung (screeched)  anarchist song in the background:

“ 'Anarchists and radicals have gathered a group called the ‘RNC welcoming committee,’ they are in no way welcoming… ‘Black bloc’ and ‘Anon bloc’ tactics are being encouraged because some say liberal protests get nothing done,” the video states before showing images of occupiers destroying private property.
“The Republicans are the most sexist, racist, homophobic… they thrive off war and imprisonment and do not care about the earth they live on. They are by far the most elitist.”
“At this convention, there is always a massive show of force by the police. These protests often result in property destruction and clashes with police, when the more radical branches break off.”
“If you wish to ”peacefully” protest, your rights will be respected by radicals. If you are into social warfare, look for a group of people dressed in black.”
“There is always a massive fence or wall around the convention zone, just tear it down!”
“The protests are going to be huge, 20,000+… In my opinion the RNC is the best one to go to, due to high radicalization.' "

Although the video also adds that anarchists and other "revolutionaries" should attack the Democratic National Convention in September, the point in clearly made that Republicans are the main enemy. 

Those who have faced anarchists in real situations, as I did as a law enforcement officer, generally conclude that the vast majority of these guys can't fight their way out of a paper bag by themselves or if cornered by an opposing group of equal size. I am by no means what one would refer to as a big guy, but at an event at which many of them were present a few years ago, the mere act of standing my ground in an alley and slowly shaking my head was enough to deter a group of five or six of them who had been debating amongst themselves the merits of trying to push past me.

They tend to come from households that are middle to upper middle class and in their hearts are no doubt quite happy that the State exists to keep the truly vicious and violent people from hurting them or taking their stuff. They preach the destruction of the order that protects them. They operate in a manner that makes it difficult to be physically confronted by the very people whom they purportedly seek to attack (the cops). 

If in fact the civil order does collapse, the bulk of these guys will be cowering in their homes. 

When they attack those whom they accuse of racism or fascism, they employ cowardly tactics such as rushing at their victims while the unsuspecting targets are eating in a restaurant. They will strike them with, or throw at them, iron bars and hammers. Like jackals, they immediately flee following these attacks.

We have an interesting couple of months ahead of us....

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