Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Ceremony Had Leftist Propaganda

I like watching Summer and Winter Olympic opening ceremonies but missed Friday's spectacle.

-It turns out that I was fortunate.

I had been picking up bits and pieces of comments referring to "eerie" and "weird", yet still I ignored these as I assumed that people must have had trouble understanding British humor. Mr. Bean, after all, was in several scenes.

Once I had a chance to read up on what messages were communicated in the ceremony and see some photos, I understood what people meant.

A good portion of the ceremony was devoted to the denigration of much of England's past and the glorification of her modern Socialist disaster.

The theatrical attack on the industrial revolution, featuring "satanic mills", soot-covered factory workers, chimney sweeps, coal miners, and impoverished rural workers was something that I would have expected in the Halls of Academia, not at a non-political ceremony that is supposed to promote good will. What was worse, Queen Elizabeth of the House of Hanover+ (Windsor is a fake name) allowed herself to be included in this mockery of much of what made her nation prosperous. How does the woman sleep at night?

[+  Added August 1. 2012, I just received my first correction from a reader. The British throne is actually in the hands of the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family. When Victoria of the House of Hanover married prince Albert, the family received that name. Saxe-Coburg Gotha was the name that was dropped for the fake name of Windsor. This family, having found a place to exists in semi-perpetuity as a body of noble blooded oligarchs, appears to have its collective mitts in all sorts of Leftist-inspired movements. Many member of this family have been involved with calls for mass eugenics and  radical environmentalism.]

-Better yet, how do we get the Stewarts (or Stuarts if a Gallic-styled spelling is preferred) back on the throne?

Before we get too resentful, let's note that some of the realities of the UK were presented in a very good light.

-Britain's national Health Service, itself a terribly failed experiment, was grotesquely celebrated in a manner that would have made Kim Jong Il proud.

"The producer of the extravaganza, London resident and Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, decided to integrate a choreographed tribute to the NHS into the showy opening festivities because, according to Boyle, "universal health care is one of the core values of British society" and an "amazing thing to celebrate."

The whole eerie performance with nurses from Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital (GOSH) dressed in 1950s uniforms pushing around sick children bouncing around on oversized hospital beds was almost as sickening to watch as Barack Obama emerging from the Styrofoam Greek columns at INVESCO Field.

In an October 13, 2011 Mail Online article entitled "People are dying from lack of care. The NHS must be held to account," "realist" Julia Manning, chief executive of 2020Health, wrote, "Of course we have much to be proud of in the NHS, but complacency and sentimentality have no place in an NHS in which people are dying for lack of care." Julia, how about dancing Florence Nightingales? Do they have a place?

The truth is that while the NHS was sentimentally praising itself in front of the world, what the organization failed to mention was the minor detail that GOSH was the place where a 13-year-old boy named Arvind Jain died of malnutrition after waiting eight months for a complacent health care system to schedule a routine 30-minute procedure to insert a feeding tube into his stomach. After the boy's death, the NHS Health Service parliamentary ombudsman deemed that Arvind was "left to die in agony after 'chaotic and substandard' car[e]."

Meanwhile, while those 600 real-life nurses were celebrating shoddy health care at the London Olympics opening ceremony, in "free" hospitals all over Britain, patients both young and old might well have been dying of dehydration.

Back in 2001, in an article entitled "Why the NHS is bad for us," Anthony Brown, former health editor of the U.K. Sunday publication the Observer and former "passionate believer in the NHS," said of the National Health Service, "[I]t can never work and is only kept alive by wrong-headed idealism." Anthony Brown's article brought to light many disturbing facts, one of which was the plight of elderly patients, some of whom, after lying for days on "trolleys" in NHS emergency wards, died needlessly.

NHS detractors agree that although socialist-style health care may have laudable objectives, those objectives do not compensate for the appalling results. In 2009, it was reported that approximately 300 patients died each year of malnutrition in British hospital wards. The truth is that if the NHS wanted to commemorate an achievement, it should have been touting being the best at providing some of the worst health care on the planet.

Whether those merry dancing nurses realized it or not, they were representing a bankrupt system that relegates the very ill to waiting lists and denies drugs that are already paid for with the tax money of poor British citizens. What the nurses promoted was a system that has been known to refuse patients basic human needs like food and water, forces the sick to wait until it's too late for life-saving treatment, and effectively euthanizes 130,000 elderly people a year. Nonetheless, based on what the world witnessed at the Olympics opening ceremonies, the NHS accomplishes all those atrocities with a rollicking sense of national pride."

Photos of both the evils of Capitalism and the glories of Socialism will be found below. They really are eerie:

Britain's Left rejoiced at all of this:

"Labour politicians yesterday hailed the Olympic opening ceremony as a ‘socialist’ event and ‘the best advert for the party for years’ – as the row over its political message intensified.

Artistic director Danny Boyle has been widely praised for Friday’s opening spectac

Some Labour politicians struggled to contain their glee about the ceremony’s message, congratulating Mr Boyle for ‘smuggling in wonderfully progressive socialist sentiments’.

Carl Sergeant, a minister in the Welsh government, took to Twitter to describe Friday’s opening ceremony as ‘the best Labour Party political broadcast I’ve seen in a while’."

I was born decades after the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but from what I have read and seen, we have a piece of propaganda that may have put the Fuhrer and Goebbels to shame.

Socialism is, as we speak, being proclaimed from the rooftops. Just a few years ago, it seemed that only Venezuela's Chavez was dopey enough to make it clear that he was moving his nation into that black hole. People were thinking, "C'mon Hugo, that system has failed everywhere it was put into place".

Today, few Leftists are hiding their intentions. Signs were displayed in the admittedly weakly attended Occupy protests in the Spring of 2012 that stated. "Stop Demonizing Socialism". Aside from the fact that, following that logic, I would have to stop demonizing Satan himself, we have to recognize that worldwide Socialism is being pushed by a well-organized and determined body that has powerful backing. 

The longer we wait to confront it head-on, the harder the struggle will be to squash it for good (Or at least designate a place to which all of the Leftists can be sent to live out their Socialistic desires).

The list of those involved in the making of this travesty of a ceremony is quite the rogues gallery of the Left:

-Excerpts from the top-linked article:

"By Paul Weston

"The shocking details in this article really ought to be headline news around the world, but investigative journalism is not what it used to be. The London Olympics opening ceremony was hijacked by Communist sympathisers working for the main director Danny Boyle.

Labour Party MPs are already boasting that the opening ceremony was a socialist event and the “best advert for the party in years”. Conservative MPs are privately muttering about the very obvious left-wing bias – as well they might.

Danny Boyle worked with one scriptwriter and four selected assistant directors to stage the opening and closing ceremonies. The five are:

Frank Cottrell Boyce: Scriptwriter for the opening ceremony and a personal friend of Danny Boyle. Cottrell Boyce started his career writing for the far-left magazine Living Marxism which had initially been launched in 1988 as The Journal of the British Revolutionary Communist Party.

Stephen Daldry: Theatre and film director, producer, and three-time Academy Award nominated director; his films include Billy Elliott. Daldry was also a member of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) at Sheffield University in the 1980s, something he has said gave him a “political education”. The SWP describes itself as Anti-Capitalist and Revolutionary.

Catherine Ugwu: Creative Director and theatrical producer. Author of Lets Get It on: The Politics of Black Performance and Enigmas of race, Difference and Desire. Her work is quoted on reading lists centred on Marxism and Black Liberation Theology.

The British government now needs to answer some serious questions. The Olympics are supposed to be politically impartial. Allowing the opening ceremony to be produced by communist sympathisers and a woman with links to black liberation theology is a political scandal of international proportion."


  1. Thanks for all your assistance in fighting the threat to western Civilization as constituted by militant Islam.

    I THOROUGHLY agree with your assessment of the entire evil, in-bred, House of Hanover/House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha/Windsors. They have presided over the destruction of a once great nation. Second to them are the stinking Tudors, particularly Henry VII, that damn accursed lying coward who hid behind his troops at Bosworth Field while a MUCH greater and nobler man, Richard III Plantagent, was cruelly assailed by many villains and slain.

    Non nobis, non nobis, Domine, sed nomini tuo da gloriam

  2. Thanks very much. I am ashamed to admit that I have only fairly recently become aware of the extent of the involvement, be it active or passive, of this family in the dilution/dismantling of the people of England and the rest of the UK. Note that this is coming from one of Irish descent. Descendants of the English, with their cultural foundation, created a nation in which I am very pleased to live. This subject truly needs a post of its own. If you are interested in preparing a post (Or if you have already made one) I would be happy to post it here (With proper credit)or do a short post and paste a link to one that already exists. I had planned to put a post together by the end of August, but if a person with a better grasp of the background is ready and willing, I would happily yield to him. The point about the Tudors and Richard III was also very good. That event was a travesty.