Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pakistani Christian Girl Gang Raped - Her Family Beaten

Another gang rape of a Christian girl by Muslims. This one occurred in Pakistan.

" 'The rape victim, a student of class six, told Civil Judge Mansoor Ahmed Warraich that Irfan, his employee Shahid and an unidentified man had kidnapped her as she walked past Irfan’s house on March 29. She said they drugged her, took her to the fields and raped her. She said she had been unable to cry out as her attackers stuffed some cloth in her mouth. She said that she woke up the next morning still in the fields, roused by family members who had been looking for her since she went missing. She said she had not gone to school since the day of the incident and never wanted to return.' " 

The cops blew the family off when the tried to report the crime. They advised them to "reach a settlement" with the attackers. Normally, I would assume that this means that the victim gets to be married to her rapist, but in this case, with there being multiple rapists, I have no idea what it means.

"Parveen Bibi, the family matriarch, told The Express Tribune that they had tried to lodge a case first at Domal police chowki, then Saddar police station, Narowal, but the police refused to register an FIR and instead urged the family to reach a settlement with the accused. They refused, and around 10 days later an FIR under Section 376 (rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code was finally registered at the police station."

After the cops finally gave in and allowed the charges to be lodged, the vicious thugs attacked the girl's family in their home, beating them up and causing two babies to be stillborn the following day. 

" 'Parveen said that the accused and others then attacked the family to put pressure on them to reach a compromise and withdraw the case. She said on May 8 Irfan, his father Safdar Ali (the retired inspector), Salman Arshad, Asad Ali, Rashid Ali and Muhammad Boota invaded their home and beat up the family. She said women and children were also beaten. As a result of the attack, she said, her daughter-in-law Nosheen gave birth a day later to two stillborn girls. ' " 

The investigating officer stated that the 13 year-old girl consented to this.

"SI Sarwat Hakeem, the investigation officer in both cases, told The Express Tribune that the 13-year-old girl had gone to the fields with the three accused of her own consent. He said that she had a “friendship” with Shahid and they had fornicated “with her consent” He said the family had not found the girl in the fields; she had gone home on her own."

Gang raping a 7th grade-age girl and beating her family members not being enough, the animals appear to have initiated a civil action against them, claiming ownership of their property.

"Parveen Bibi said that the accused were also putting pressure on them to stop pursuing the cases by claiming ownership of a seven-marla plot in the village which belonged to the family. She said that they had had to stop construction on the plot because of the claim."

The status of the case so far? One of them has been declared Innocent.

"Though FIRs of both incidents have been registered, the police have already declared one of the three accused, a retired inspector’s son, innocent in the rape case. In the case for causing two stillbirths, the police are not arresting the accused even though a judge cancelled their interim bails"

Although Muslims girls are also raped by their coreligionists, Christian girls are a favorite target of Muslim men who desire to rape without fearing any loss of face in their community. In places such as Pakistan or other Muslim-majority countries, the system rarely punishes the rapists. Christians are second-class citizens at best. In Europe, the leftist politicians and media enforce a strict censorship on any discussion about rape epidemics. Oh, the rapes are reported in a sluggish and obligatory fashion, but the religions and ethnicities of the rapists are almost never reported. Any mention of such will earn the label of racist or fascist.

My personal opinion is that too many Muslims view Christians women as either already conquered or in the process of being conquered (Depending on the nation in which the rapist is at the moment) and therefore subject to the pillage and rape allowed in Islamic thought. A post on that subject is linked below:

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